Activist Mommy CENSORED As She Heads to Alabama on Moore’s Behalf


The Moore allegations this week have been absolutely stunning, and it is no exaggeration to say they have been dominating the news.

While we here at Activist Mommy take allegations of sexual abuse very seriously, especially when they are made by women who were children at the time, there has always been something fishy about the timing and the nature of the women’s stories.

Yesterday, we received word that part of Beverly Young Nelson’s story was falling apart. The Moore camp revealed that the woman who accused Moore of trying to rape her in 1977 when she was only 16 was actually a party in a divorce hearing assigned to Moore when he was a circuit judge in 1999.

The suspicious yearbook signature that Nelson had produced as evidence seems to be quite likely to have been forged, especially considering it looked very much like the signature in Nelson’s yearbook.

In light of all this, Elizabeth Johnston, the Activist Mommy, is standing by the man she has supported for decades because she believes he is innocent and that these accusations are false.

Today, she and many other pro-family activists will be going to Alabama to show their support for the Judge and explain why they believe he will be falsely accused.

Apparently, Twitter didn’t like that idea!

Last night, Elizabeth tweeted out her plans to head to Alabama and asked for prayers for her travels and the whole firey political battle. However, some users couldn’t see the image attached to it:


If you received this warning when viewing this tweet, you weren’t the only one:

This is because a few days ago, Elizabeth tweeted out this image, comparing the outrage over Moore’s sexual abuse allegations to abortion:

She received an email from Twitter that evening that the image was sensitive and that her account would now have the click-through warning normally reserved for pornography and gruesome violence.

And yet, people like this individual, who are sexually attracted to children and make it their business to normalize their mental illness are allowed to stay on Twitter:

Go figure.

So now, everything Elizabeth tweets out, from pictures of herself and Roy Moore to inspiring memes of Bible verses are censored as “sensitive content.”

Let’s tweet @jack and let him know how we feel about this totally unfair censorship of Christians!

Make sure to keep an eye out for her press conference! She will also be speaking at a Women for Roy Moore event tomorrow morning in Birmingham.

Most of all, don’t forget to pray for the truth to come out in this incredibly chaotic time!