Alabama Students Stand Up To Atheist Org, Recite The Lord’s Prayer Before Football Game


In these troubling times of cultural decay and increasingly rabid opposition to the Christian faith, it is all the more important for the faithful to be bold, no matter the cost. 

At Opelika High School in Alabama, a group of students refused to be silenced when the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) compelled their school district to replace its traditional pre-game prayer with a moment of silence. 

As is their modus operandi, the FFRF used their interpretation of the First Amendment to threaten the Opelika City Schools Board of Education with legal action if any of its staff, especially football coaches, continued to sponsor or encourage Christian prayer before football games or at any other school events.

In FRFF’s letter to the Board of Education, obtained by the Alabama News Network, the nonprofit cited the concerns of a parent who felt alienated enough by the prayer to want to “move their children out of the district.”

“It is illegal for a public school to sponsor religious messages at school athletic events and for public school coaches to lead their teams in prayer,” FFRF attorney Christopher Line said in the letter. “The Supreme Court has specifically struck down invocations given over the loudspeaker at public school athletic events, even when student led.”

Like many, many districts before it, Opelika High School opted to drop the prayer and replace it with a moment of silence.

“We recognize that the United States of America is a nation of laws and we will abide by the current law,” stated OCS Superintendent Mark Neighbors, according to the Opelika Observer. “Our students are allowed to pray, but our coaches are not allowed to participate.” 

The Observer noted that the next home game on September 13 would feature the moment of silence instead of the traditional prayer, but that’s not what happened.

Instead of being silent and capitulating to the demands of the FRFF, Opelika students rose up and recited The Lord’s Prayer in a moment of holy defiance.

At this point, it is uncertain if the FFRF will formally retaliate with legal action. Let them try. These brave students showed tremendous courage to stand up and call on the name of the Lord. Be encouraged by their boldness!

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