Is the Austin Drag Festival Seriously Featuring a Child?!


What is the left’s obsession with getting little children to dress up in drag?

You might call us tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists, but let’s just look at the facts:

First, Cover Girl made a teenage boy the new face of their brand, normalizing gender-bending and drag.

Next, a few viral pictures and videos made the rounds of little boys whose parents encouraged makeup lessons and amateur drag careers as young as 8-years old.

Then, the trend of Drag Queen Story Hours caught fire and freakish, monstrous-looking drag queens were reading stories to preschoolers at the public library. Even worse, in the UK, publically-funded nursery schools are hosting drag queen story time as well, on the taxpayer dime.

All this being said, it is still horrifying to see the Austin Drag Festival’s lineup. Among the many professional cross-dressers on their website, there is a shocking site: a little boy, named simply “E”, who purportedly will be appearing at what is sure to be an event entirely inappropriate for young children.

Among such “performers” as “Dis Charge”, “Jizza Bella”, “Maci Sumcox,” and “Spikey van Dykie” will appear this innocent little 11-year-old boy who has clearly been encouraged by adults who should know better to participate in this filth.

“E” is, according to his Facebook page, is “a normal 11-yr old boy. E isn’t necessarily typical though. We hope that this page will encourage other parents of gender fluid kids to connect.”

Whoever set up the page for this boy elaborates:

E has been expressing his femininity since he was three years old. E has never been discouraged from expressing himself any way that he feels. As his parents, we don’t believe in that.
We know that there are other parents who have gender fluid children. Our hope is to help parents connect, help parents talk about the challenges of raising these brave children.
Our is the hope that we might also help gender fluid kids to know that there ARE other kids like them in the world. Sometimes E feels very alone sometimes. We know he’s not alone.

Upon examination of the page including the picture of “E” with his “parental units”, which includes (although one can’t be sure) two women and a man, “E” might not have come up with the idea of dressing in drag all on his own.

The parental units

Posted by E – One Kid's Journey on Monday, November 13, 2017

The woman on the right on this picture is one Andrea Varela, who appears to be a burlesque dancer her(?)self and frequents “queer” burlesque events. She (he?) also happens to be the founder of The Velvet Heartbreakers “The Midwest’s Drag King troupe extraordinaire with members from both Columbus, Ohio and Pittsburgh, PA.”

What a shocker. What are the odds that a little boy who is raised by the founder of a drag troupe would just happen to want to be a drag queen too?

This is a disgusting example of little children being exploited and trotted around for the ideological interests of their parents.

And before you try to say Christians do the same thing, consider this: how many Bible camps or churches do you know that feature performers named after the excrement of the male copulatory organ?

This drag festival, and the drag culture in general, is absolutely no place for children. Please join me in prayer for this poor little boy.