Blue Collar Dude Smacks Down Feminism and It’s Awesome

This guy doesn’t wear a man bun. In fact, he probably thinks a man bun is a male’s butt cheek! He’s not a hipster. To him, a hipster is probably a hip holster for his 9 mm Glock. (For you hipsters out there, a Glock is a gun.) His stonewashed jeans probably have big baggy pleats in the front and his logo is a bit dated.

BUT HE! IS! AWESOME! Like seriously, I wish he was my uncle.

Watch this “everyday Joe” in his very calm manner put an absolute butt-whoopin’ to the Feminist Movement! This should be required anger management therapy for every SJW/Antifa/Black Lives Matter/University Indoctrinated/Liberal Hippie in the world!

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Feminism Pt. 1 – The Basic Lie

Part 1 of my multi-video take-down of 'Feminism' as we have come to know and love it. Peace, Brothers and Sisters. 🙂

Posted by Blue Collar Logic on 4hb Mei 2017


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