BREAKING! Teen Vogue Print Publication is DEAD!!


Odds are, you know and love Elizabeth Johnston, the Activist Mommy, for her ruthless campaign against Teen Vogue, a vulgar publication that masquerades as a fashion magazine.

Elizabeth has worked tirelessly to expose the filth contained within the pages of the innocent-looking teen rag and today, the efforts of thousands of concerned parents across the country who heeded our warning have paid off.

We heard the news this morning that the publisher will be shutting down the print edition of Teen Vogue! 

Elizabeth has issued this statement:

I was beyond thrilled to learn today that Teen Vogue magazine will no longer be in print. The publisher, Condé Nast, has shuttered the print publication, while other Condé Nast publications will remain in print. Operation Pull Teen Vogue was a grassroots campaign by concerned parents who don’t believe anal sex and sex toys should be peddled to their children under the guise of a fashion magazine. Teen Vogue editors Elaine Welteroth and Phillip Picardi ignored our concerns and mocked our campaign, but we gave them a black eye from which they never recovered. Let the watching world take note: If you pander obscenity to our kids, especially for a profit, we will destroy you.

I want to personally thank all the concerned parents who marched into your local stores and libraries and demanded Teen Vogue be pulled from the shelves. You are the real heroes today. I am honored to fight with you to provide a safer world in which to raise your precious children.

Earlier this year, when the rag printed an anal sex tutorial, Elizabeth took to Facebook with a firey (literally) video sharing exactly what she thought about the smut that was being peddled to our girls.

In case you missed it, here it is:

Over 12 million people viewed this video, and along with exposing this explicit content, Elizabeth started a small revolution against Teen Vogue, calling parents to demand businesses and retailers pull the magazine from their shelves in the Operation Pull Teen Vogue campaign.

Ever since then, we here at have been working hard to expose the filth Teen Vogue is pandering, from recommending the best vibrators and lubricant for back-to-school to encouraging pansexuality, masturbation, and “ecosexuality”, as well as some handy tell-tale signs you might be sexually aroused.

It is unclear at this point if the website will continue, but nonetheless, this is a major victory for parents who have been making their voices heard!

Well done, activist mommies and daddies!! You are doing the Lord’s work!