Canadian Father Found Guilty Of “Family Violence” For Not Affirming His Trans Child Reveals His Identity


Last year, we reported on the harrowing story of a Canadian father whose teen daughter was “transitioning” into a boy against his will and had been declared guilty of “family violence” for refusing to affirm her dysphoric delusion.

At the time, he was only known as “Clark” or “CD,” but now, Robert Hoogland is speaking up on behalf of his daughter and every child being affected by what he calls “state-sponsored child abuse.”

In an hour-long interview with Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson, Hoogland recalled how his daughter first came to believe she was a boy and laid bare his desire to keep parents from making his mistakes, including naively trusting schools, doctors, and the court system.

When his daughter, identified only as as “Maxine,” was in sixth grade, Hoogland says she began acting like a tomboy, hanging out with boys and getting into a bit of trouble. This prompted his decision to ask Maxine’s school counselor to speak with her.

“Everything seemed to be going just fine with that,” Hoogland said, “and of course as a parent when you’re trusting the school, they’re an institution, you have to trust the school, it’s how you feel as a parent.”

“I trusted the school system and the school counselors that they were getting things done with my daughter that were in her best interests,” he continued.

Little did he know, seeking help from the school counselor was his first, and perhaps his most crucial mistake.

“We’re not supposed to know what’s going on and like every other parent, I did not know what was going on in the school system at that time.”

It wasn’t until his daughter graduated seventh grade that Hoogland learned that she changed her name to a male name under the guidance of the counselor. She eventually told him the truth because she knew he would eventually see her male name in the yearbook.

Hoogland was appalled to find just how far his daughter’s social “transition” had gone without the school so much as giving him a phone call.

Around that time, Hoogland’s ex-wife then found this “fantastic” counselor, Dr. Wallace Wong, who was touted as an “objective and independent expert” on the issues apparently plaguing Maxine.

Hoogland didn’t discover until later that the same high school that secretly facilitated and advanced daughter’s transition recommended Dr. Wong to Maxine’s mother.

Still, trusting that the doctor would know best, see his child’s psychiatric issues for what they were, and get her the help she needed, Hoogland allowed Wong to conduct an assessment on Maxine.

To his shock, Hoogland was told by Dr. Wong that his daughter was a “prime candidate for cross-sex hormones” and she was referred to the British Columbia Children’s Hospital. In spite of the fact that his daughter had admitted to having crushes on some of her male teachers, Dr. Wong explained that Hoogland’s daughter was still really a boy, just a homosexual boy.

The nightmare unfolded all the more quickly after Maxine was placed on the fast-track to receive hormone therapy from BCCH.

The hospital provided the family with a consent form, which Maxine and Hoogland’s ex-wife signed. Hoogland read it, and the phrases “elevated risk of heart disease, heart attacks”, “cancer,” “stunted growth,” “bone density,” and “sterility” leaped off the page at him.

“We don’t even know what the risk factors are, it’s an experiment,” Hoogland said, paraphrasing the consent form.

Naturally, Hoogland refused to allow his daughter to be subjected to this dangerous “treatment,” and in December of 2018 he received a letter from BCCH telling him that under the Infants Act of British Columbia, he no longer has a say in her medical care or access to her records. The law gave Hoogland two weeks to contest the decision in court, which he did.

At that point, Hoogland still thought that the situation was so absurd that any sane judge would throw out the case and restore his parental rights on the spot.

He couldn’t have been more wrong.

BC Supreme Court Justice Gregory Bowden ruled that the child could change her legal name and vital statistics records and begin taking hormones right away. To add insult to injury, Justice Bowden ruled that Hoogland must use his daughter’s preferred pronouns and affirm her male identity and his refusal to do so constituted “family violence,” something reserved for parents who abuse their children.

Ultimately, Hoogland says a court of appeal did determine that he has the right to “dissuade” his daughter from transitioning, but he was slapped with a gag order for his efforts.

For giving Hoogland a platform to share the truth about his daughter’s case, Thompson herself was approached by attorneys demanding that she take down the video the interview. Thompson was also slapped with a court summons and is expected to be silenced by Canada’s pro-transgender court system.

This is just the beginning, brothers and sisters in Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is hell-bent on passing a ban on so-called “conversion therapy” at the federal level, and is encouraging provincial and municipal officials to enact such bans in the meantime.

If they are successful, any parents like Hoogland who attempt to guide their children, however gently and lovingly, away from the dark path of transgenderism will become criminals.

Action 4 Canada has created a thorough, compelling letter outlining the complex issue of why giving LGBT individuals the choice to get help in fighting unwanted gender dysphoria or homosexuality is crucial and must be protected.

If you are a Canadian citizen, reach out to each of your elected officials right now with a copy of this letter and urge them to vote against any and all “conversion therapy” bans.

If parents like Robert Hoogland can be silenced and criminalized, the children of Canada don’t stand a chance against the LGBT behemoth overtaking their society. We’ve got to fight!!

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