“Children’s” Photographer Meg Bitton Uses Young Girls to Glamorize Marijuana, Prostitution


Take a look at this woman’s photography and tell me the sexualization of children isn’t a pervasive trend.

Are you going to stand by and let this become the cultural norm?

It’s no secret that professional photographers often use young, female subjects in inappropriate attire and posed in sexualized ways. But Meg Bitton has taken things to a whole new level. While her “normal” photographs feature young girls, who often appear to be pre-pubescent, in crop-tops, hot pants, and highly suggestive poses, some of her recent photographs go far beyond.

They include blatantly sexualizing young girls smoking and promoting marijuana, young girls seemingly engaged in prostitution, and suggestive homosexual poses.

As with so much smut these days, these disgusting images are clearly excused for the sake of her “art”, which her defenders gush over.

She’s clearly a talented photographer, but it doesn’t matter how edgy and classy you make something look, promoting prostitution, drug use, and sexuality among young girls not only greatly objectifies them as sex objects, but is not, contrary to popular belief, somehow protected by an invisible protected layer of “creativity.”

Smut is smut.

Take a look:


Most of these girls appear to be not only very young, but likely pre-pubescent–but her website features pictures of girls, maybe 7 or 8, posed in a way in which they appear to be completely nude.

While Bitton, who appears to be a rather small-time photographer who does family, newborn, and prenatal shoots as well as teaches editing techniques online, she clearly has a special interest in children and undeveloped preteen girls in sexually suggestive poses.

This woman’s portfolio is a pedophile’s dream, and borderline child pornography. And, surprise, surprise–she’s a leftist.

She captured attention last year after photographing a young transgender boy in an attempt to weigh in on the bathroom debate.

They keep trying to tell us the widespread acceptance of homosexuality isn’t a slippery slope towards pedophilia, but as sexual barriers designed to keep people safe from harm and victimization break down, it becomes more and more socially acceptable for children to be sexualized.

There has to be a line. There has to be a point parents stand up and push back against those who seek to pray on and exploit young children. What will our society look like in ten years if things don’t change quickly? We can’t afford to find out.