Disney’s First Official LGBT Character Appears In Newest Pixar Movie


After years of being hounded for “underrepresentation” and unanswered requests to see Elsa finally come out as a lesbian, Disney is throwing its pro-LGBT fans a bone in “Onward,” which will feature the studio’s first officially gay character.

According to Yahoo Entertainment, the film takes place in “a magical universe whose fantastical citizens — think elves, dragons and manticores — have lost their connection to the magical arts.”

Although Disney and Pixar have created several past characters of dubious sexuality, “Onward” will feature an openly lesbian character — a Cyclops police officer named “Officer Specter.”

The character, voiced by actress Lena Waithe who herself professes to be openly gay, signals a shift for the children’s entertainment behemoth and its embrace of unnatural sexuality as a normal and acceptable theme for children.

“It just kind of happened,” producer Kori Rae, told Yahoo Entertainment, referring to Spector’s sole scene. “The scene, when we wrote it, was kind of fitting and it opens up the world a little bit, and that’s what we wanted.”

The film is already built upon a morally questionable foundation, centering around two elf brothers, Ian and Barley, trying to bring their deceased father back to life with a “resurrection spell.”

According to Yahoo, “the spell immediately goes haywire, forcing the duo to embark on a ticking-clock quest to find a replacement element before their father vanishes again.”

Officer Specter makes an appearance along the way:

Officer Specter enters the narrative in mid-quest as Ian and Barley are en route to the magical mountains outside of their otherwise ordinary town. The brothers’ reckless piloting of Barley’s beloved van, Guinevere, brings them to the attention of one-eyed Specter and her faun sidekick, Officer Gore (Ali Wong), who pull the boys over. Not wanting to be escorted home, Ian casts a masking spell that temporarily disguises him and Barley as Colt. The ruse fools Specter, who listens as “Officer Bronco” complains about his girlfriend’s kids and the difficulty of being the new guy in their mom’s life. She immediately sympathizes with him, saying: “My girlfriend’s daughter got me pulling my hair out,” but suggests that the best thing they can do is try to be there for them.

In the past, it has been speculated that “Beauty And The Beast’s” “Le Fou” was a homosexual with a strong crush on antagonist “Gaston.” In Frozen, whose main protagonist has been the subject of much hope for LGBT representation, a minor character named “Oaken” points to his family, which includes several children and a man, presumably his “husband.” Many viewers even speculated that two “extra” characters “Finding Dory” were a lesbian couple with a child.

Where several of these characters may have caused us to wonder, “Specter” represents a clear departure from innuendo and subtle hints of homosexuality among supporting characters in Disney and Pixar films in favor of total normalization.

Disney has been making similar moves with its offerings to adult audiences, with Star Wars featuring the company’s first on-screen homosexual kiss and upcoming “Eternals” featuring Disney-owned Marvel’s first homosexual superhero.

Folks, it’s 2020, and the issue of LGBT representation in Disney films isn’t going to disappear.

These people are demanding for more and more representation and celebration in all forms of media. If Disney insists on catering to them and disregarding the wishes of its conservative audience, perhaps it shouldn’t have a conservative audience.

It’s long past time we stop rewarding this immoral company with our hard-earned dollars through ticket sales, merchandise, and Disney+ subscriptions.

Are you ready to say goodbye to Disney?

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