Disturbing New Netflix Cartoon Promotes Pedophilia

The creative forces behind films and television shows have been pushing the envelope for decades, but there continue to be instances in which they cross the line.


While doing so, they touch on topics that are considered to be ‘cultural taboos.’ Eventually, the themes get mimicked by other shows and movies. Before you know it, it’s become normalized, and not too many people bat an eye over it.

We’re not sure if that’s the motivations behind this disturbing cartoon from Netflix, but we certainly pray to God that it’s not.

The show has dropped a trailer for a new animated series called “Big Mouth,” and the goal of creating buzz has been accomplished. The trailer has a ton of shock value attached to it, courtesy of some eyebrow-raising scenes.

“The series, which Netflix bills as a way to “relive puberty from the safety of your sofa,” appears to be devoid of comedy save for gross-out sex humor and leftist propaganda,” Department of Memes shares.

Direct mentions are made of the expulsion of bodily fluids, and there’s a scene that involves talking female genitalia.

“The sexual tones are not necessarily more grotesque than what you might see on an episode of South Park (or American Gods, for that matter), but many viewers are disturbed by the portrayal of cartoon children in explicit sexual scenarios,” Department of Memes continues.

Racy adult-style cartoons are not a new phenomenon, but scores of users are incredibly put off by a number of the grotesque insinuations from the show.

“It’s like a cartoon of pedophilia, nice,” wrote one commenter on the YouTube page for the trailer, which is so disgusting and vile we won’t even link to it.

“The profanity and crudeness makes it unsuitable for a younger audience, and the fact [that] it’s about literal kids going through puberty makes it unsuitable for an older audience,” shared another user.

It’s pretty disturbing to imagine that network honchos would give this piece of filth the green light. Do we really need deviant sexual behavior to be normalized?

Please think hard about cancelling your Netflix subscription if you have one and feel free to get in touch with the streaming service via their phone number at 1-866-579-7172.

Department of Memes