Drag Queen Story Hour Features Book to Encourage Feminizing Young Boys and MC From Gay Strip Club


Last week we covered the shocking appearance of “Xochi Mochi”, a Southern California drag queen who identifies as a “killer clown from outer space” at a Long Beach Library children’s story hour.

The pictures were horrifying and one wonders why it was appropriate to allow someone in such a terrifying costume, let alone a man dressed in a woman’s terrifying costume, to read a storybook to small children.

This bizarre read-aloud was part of a growing trend among leftie parents seeking to validate their own political correctness by exposing their children to confusing and scary things. It’s called the Drag Queen Story Hour, and it’s catching on from California all the way to New York City (not really sure if it’s been happening anywhere in between though.)

Deplorable Kel, who first drew our attention to the killer clown drag queen story in Northhampton, MA, has discovered another upcoming Drag Queen Story Hour, this time, featuring the author of such gender-norm defying titles such as Heather Has Two Mommies and Sparkle Boy, Lesléa Newman.

Newman will be joined by drag queen Jenayah De Rosario, and promotional material for the event says that “All children are invited to wear their sparkly, shimmery, glittery best” and that “they will read picture books that celebrate everybody’s right to shine including Lesléa’s latest picture book, SPARKLE BOY. After the reading there will be a sparkly art activity, face painting, and book signing.”

“Jenayah”, Kel uncovered, can normally be found appearing at Oz Springfield, a nude male strip club in Springfield MA, and also at Xroom, which features a delightful-sounding event called “Excuse Our Beauty” in which grown men dress up like the little girls in “Toddlers in Tiaras” and perform on a stage flanked by nude male dancers.

And again, this man will be participating in a children’s story hour at a public library.

Let’s unpack this a little bit. The left is so concerned with little boys feeling like they might want to be little girls, they’re making sure that even little boys who probably don’t feel like little girls are constantly being programmed with the idea that they have a “right to sparkle” (what does that even mean?)

The logical conclusion of encouraging little boys to “sparkle”, play dress-up, and embrace femininity is to trot out drag queens who perform in nude strip clubs as role models for them.

How do parents not see anything wrong with this?

This is what cross-dressing and gender insanity end up as. It is a strang sexual perversion or fetish at best, a serious psychological condition at worse, and either way, people who dress up as the opposite sex for fun and in a clearly sexual context have no business being around little children.


What is the next generation going to look like if they grow up with this being their idea of normal?