Drag Queens Being Protected By Snipers Courtesy of Taxpayers in Spokane, Washington


As we have covered extensively on this site, publicly-funded libraries all across the country are hosting “Drag Queen Story Hours” and in a trend that is growing at an alarming rate. 

But did we ever imagine city governments would go to such great lengths to protect them?! 

Never. This is just insane. 

Last week in Spokane, Washington, a Drag Queen Story Hour event was manned by 30 to 40 police officers including two snipers who were positioned on the roof of the library. Reportedly, the officers and snipers were there in response to 300 concerned mothers and their allies who were present to protest the drag event.

This police presence is over the top, to say the least. According to various reports and from attendees themselves, protestors of the event were told to stay in a designated area and they were not allowed to enter the library, despite the fact that the event was only being held in one private room.

The protest was organized by 500 Mom Strong, who posted  on their Facebook page about  the use of law enforcement: “Was anyone else disturbed that the library had 30+ police officers and 2 snipers with rifles on the rood pointed at us to protect men in dresses from women defending their dignity and praying?”

Seriously! Why is it necessary to have such police presence, at the expense of the taxpayers, to protect a group of men dressed as women reading books to children? It seems as though the ones in need of protection are the children! 

Naturally, there were also event supporters there to counter-protest the 500 Mom Strong protest. Bohach reported to the Daily Caller that the counter-protesters “yelled and screamed” at them. In this picture, you can clearly see how threatening and intimidating this group of praying moms was and why excessive police presence was necessary. SMH.

The Daily Caller reports:

[Anna] Bohach told the Caller a city councilman informed her the snipers were from a SWAT team. She believes the significant armed presence for the story hour could be a result of the counter-protest organization, 500 Drag Queen Strong, filing false police reports that her group made death threats against them. 

Bohach says the allegations of death threats made by members of 500 Mom Strong are completely false. She told the Daily Caller that instead, women from 500 Mom Strong have “received several death threats.”

Meanwhile, inside the library, children were being exposed to grown men dressed as sexualized female clowns reading stories. One protester, Scott Herndon, made it into the event and described what he saw on his Facebook page, saying, “She casts off her clothing in front of two and three-year-olds and four-year-olds, with her hairy armpits and her huge breasts pouring out of her minimal top, and now she’s gonna read this story.”


Why would any parent allow their children to be subjected to this? If you are tired of these Drag Queen Story Hours being held at public libraries, take the time to sign our petition and say enough is enough! 

We have worked hard to bring exposure to these events, and have even gotten several shut down. We can’t stand by and let our children continue to be exposed to this confusing, dangerous garbage. Snipers or no, let’s be ready to stand for what we know is right! 


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