Elementary Teacher Investigated After Adding Pro-Transgender Books To Class Library Wishlist


The leftist campaign to turn public schools into LGBT indoctrination centers marches on. 

When we send our children off to school, we are at the mercy of their teachers. Will they be taught what they need to thrive in life, rather than having seeds of doubt about something so incredibly basic as their own gender sown into their young, impressionable minds? Will their teachers, if bent on sharing LGBT propaganda with them, even bother to ask our permission?

In Marysville, Ohio, the answer appears to be a resounding, “no.”

According to Ohio State Senate candidate Melissa Ackison, Edgewood Elementary School teacher Austin Syar compiled a wishlist of books for his class library touching on incredibly inappropriate topics for young children, such as “gender roles” and cross-dressing.

Upon learning of Syar’s wishlist, Ackison took to Facebook to notify the community:

“Are you prepared to answer your kids’ questions when they come home asking you what gender they are, after spending all day with their male third-grade teacher … but is molding the minds of your children around such intimate topics?” she wrote.

Marysville OHIO Parents,How do you feel about a school teacher at Edgewood Elementary reading books about gender…

Posted by Melissa Ackison on Thursday, July 25, 2019

The wishlist, which includes books like “Welcome to the Family” and “I am Jazz,” about modern gender roles and a young child suffering from gender dysphoria, respectively. Would you want to have to do the damage control of reaffirming scientific gender and traditional, time-tested gender roles to your grade school-aged child? Didn’t think so.

In response to the public outcry from Marysville taxpayers, the school initiated an investigation into Mr. Syar.

The Columbus Dispatch reports:

Syar is being investigated by the district, not for the content of his books, but for failing to first get permission from his school principal to request them.

A district policy requires permission for teachers to use the growing number of websites set up for people to donate school supplies. The donations are channeled through the district finance officer for reasons of accountability.

“We want to make sure the teacher understands the protocol that’s supposed to be followed,” said Jonathan Langhals, assistant superintendent at Marysville Exempted Village School District.

Syar, beginning his third year in the district, declined an interview request from The Dispatch. He told school officials that the books were resources only, to be shared with students individually with a parent’s permission, Langhals said.

But Ackison said a picture from Syar’s Twitter page shows the teacher at the Marysville Public Library posing with several children celebrating Pride Month this year and holding books titled “Welcome to the Family” and “I am Jazz” about gender roles and transformation.

Sue Devine, school board president, told The Dispatch she understands why people are concerned, but that the highly questionable books “are not curriculum-based, and merely available if a child or parent seeks them out.”

“I don’t fault the teacher for being proactive,” Devine said. “I think that with the right guidance, I don’t see a problem with these resources being available.”

While it’s a dubious relief that children will only be exposed to these books with parental permission, one can’t help but mourn for the children whose parents are confused enough themselves to think their children should be exposed to them.

No matter how you slice it, the children lose.

This, parents, is why you need to make sure you know what’s going on in your child’s classroom. One great way to do that is to take them out of the public school system! 


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