England’s Nursery Schools Hosting Transgender Lessons for 2-Year-Olds–On Taxpayer Dime!


We’ve been covering the disturbing trend on our side of the pond of Drag Queen Story Hour, the phenomenon of public libraries inviting drag queens, who would otherwise be hosting events at gay male strip clubs, to read stories to young children.

Because, you know, tolerance…or something.

The most shocking incident was the recent self-identifying “killer clown from outer space”, Xochi Mochi, who read a story to children at the Michelle Obama Public Library (how fitting) in Long Beach, California, in full, terrifying, monstrous drag.

Something we have also been covering is the UK’s frightening, and almost psychotic, obsession with political correctness, from shutting down research on transgender regret to granting genderless passports to urging health professionals to say “pregnant person” instead of “pregnant woman.”

All this being said, it will probably come as no surprise that the UK is giving American drag queen story hours a run for their money by actually hosting drag queens for story time in publically-funded nursery schools. 

The Daily Mail reports:

Drag queens are being brought into taxpayer-funded nursery schools so that children as young as two can learn about transgender issues.

The cross-dressers are reading nursery rhymes and singing specially adapted songs ‘to teach children about LGBT tolerance’.

Nursery bosses say the sessions are needed so that children can ‘see people who defy rigid gender restrictions’ and grow up to combat hate crime.

They say that the Drag Queen Story Time (DQST) will be hosted by seven nurseries run by the London Early Years Foundation over the winter. If they decide the program is a success, it will be introduced to the rest of the nursery’s 37 sites.

So, let me get this straight: somehow confusing and most likely frightening toddlers will reduce hate crimes? Seriously? There could not possibly be any data to back this up because only in 2017 would anyone actually think it was OK for cross-dressers to read stories to nursery school children.

Something that is far more well-supported by science and common sense is the objection many childcare professionals have to this twisted program.

Leading child psychotherapist Dilys Daws says, according to the Daily Mail, that “There’s this idea that’s sweeping the country that being transgender is an ‘ordinary situation’. It’s getting so much publicity that it’s getting children thinking that they might be transgender, when it otherwise wouldn’t have occurred to them.”

“But it’s perfectly normal for most young children to think about being the opposite sex,” she continues. “It’s probably because they are identifying with a parent or sibling.”

Norman Wells, director of the Family Education Trust, agrees: “One of the most disturbing things about the transgender agenda is the way that it tries to distort our perception of reality and deny something as fundamental as the distinction between male and female.”

Clearly, the British government pays no mind to this. As the Daily Mail explains further, “The chain receives taxpayer cash as many of its children qualify for Government-funded childcare. Besides reading to the children, sessions so far have included a ‘Halloween drag disco’, face painting and ‘high tea’.”


This is all the brainchild of Thomas Canham, a Bristol University law graduate and part-time cross-dresser who the Daily Mail says “dismisses traditional notions of masculinity as ‘meaningless’.”

He says, of his program, that he wanted to create a “safe space” where children would not be “critisized for wearing a dress.”

“They can include, for example, drag queen references within songs. So if you’re doing something like Wheels On The Bus, you can sing, ‘The skirt on the drag queen goes swish, swish, swish.'”

“The parents love it, and the children love it too – especially when you’ve got a six-year-old boy there in a princess dress which he isn’t allowed to wear at home because his dad doesn’t like it.”

There it is! This is the one constant theme in the stories we cover each and every day. At the root of all this perversion, confusion, and corruption, is the usurption of parental authority over the child. 

Little boys don’t need to wear princess dresses for the same reason they don’t need to play with the kitchen knives or play on the side of a highway. Because it is dangerous. 

Fathers–and mothers–have every right to decide, and enforce, what their children wear. Nurseries that these parents’ tax dollars are going to fund have no place contradicting this and peddling their trash into the impressionable young minds of their students!

British parents need to stand up and fight this before it gets out of control!