Father Pleads for Help Fighting 10-Year-Old Son’s Forced Transition; Says He’s Being “Preyed Upon”


Caution: The following article contains a video that may be deeply disturbing to some viewers.

As a nation, we are still reeling from the events surrounding little James Younger, the seven-year-old in Texas whose mother attempted to proceed with his “gender transition” against the will of his father, Jeffrey, who maintains that the boy does not want to be a girl.

You may recall, as we reported at the time, that Jeffrey Younger warned us that James wasn’t the only child being made a casualty in the LGBT onslaught on society.

He was right.

Brenton Netz, a father in Minnesota, has shared with Activist Mommy the story of his son, Miles Gewirtz, who is being subject to much the same treatment as James Younger

When Miles was a little boy, his father says he presented as such, and happily so.

Posted by Save Miles on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Although Netz and Miles’ mother, Sarah Gewirtz, did not live together, Netz was a loving father committed to being there for his son and lived just a few blocks away from Miles’ infancy until age seven. At age three, however, Netz says Miles’ mother, Sarah Gewirtz, began secretly “treating and affirming him as a girl.”

Due to his diagnosis of autism at age 4, Netz adds, Miles was highly impressionable, allowing Gewirtz to impose a new identity on him: a girl named “Miley.”

“Sarah has pushed: dolls, disney princesses (his deepest obsession I would say) she pushed him to grow his hair long, and by the age of 6, had him wearing dresses, nightgowns and even lingerie,” Netz said. 

Much like Dr. Anne Georgulas, a pro-LGBT pediatrician and the mother of James Younger, Gewirtz appears to have an affinity for all things “inclusivity.” According to Netz, Gewirtz has curated quite the collection of LGBT literature as the librarian at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University. Also like Dr. Georgulas, Netz reports that Gewirtz has an “emasculating nature about her” and what may very well be “a modern form of Munchausen by proxy disorder.”

Gewirtz’s practice of imposing dolls and dresses on Miles was “kept secret (only in her home that I know of) until he was 7,” Netz continued. “Around age 7, Sarah informed me that Miles was from then on to be called ‘Miley’ be allowed to wear dresses during our weekends and extended summer time, and if I had a problem with this, I wasn’t allowed to have him anymore.”

That’s when, Netz later found out, Gewirtz began taking Miles to see Troy Weber-Brown, a “nonbinary” homosexual “gender therapist” at a clinic called Centracare.

Netz told us:

I will let the summary sections of the accompanying session notes speak for themselves, but some “highlights”:

(Miles at age 9) “Miley identifies as a transgender lesbian…” “Miles expresses that he wishes he had a vagina..” “Miles and I talked about the YouTube videos with transgender children I suggested for him…” etc. etc.

As with Jeffrey Younger, the family court system has been stacked in the favor of Gewirtz, leaving Netz with the burden of mounting a costly legal offense in order to enforce his parental rights. During his last attempt to do so, he says, the presiding judge simply called him “bigoted” and argued that he “couldn’t handle or accept my son’s gender identity, or understand the nature of his issues.” 

“At the end, I was one word from being charged with contempt of court,” Netz adds.

It wasn’t until a few months ago, when Jeffrey Younger finally broke through the mainstream media barricade and his son’s disturbing case made national headlines, that Netz was “reenergized” to fight for his son.

A video that the now-10-year-old posted to YouTube shows that Netz’ regrouping couldn’t come a moment too soon.

While doing research online to gather information and pictures for his case, Netz found Gewirtz’s YouTube account. There, he found two videos, which he was able to copy before Gewirtz was alerted and quickly deleted them.

The more disturbing of the two videos, which Miles appears to have made in the middle of the night, proves to Netz (and anyone who watches) that he is in “terrible condition, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.”

In the transcript Netz provided for the video, it’s clear that Miles is “also being preyed upon by online sexual predators.”


“My son is crying for help, through a drugged, gaslighted haze,” Netz says. “I’ve recently called Child Protective Services, sent them [links to the videos], and made a formal complaint in my name.”

Unlike James Younger, however, Miles does not have the advantage of time. At 10 years old, he cannot afford the years it could take Netz to make headway in family court.

According to Netz’ GoFundMe page, “Miles has recently reached what is called ‘Tanner Stage 2’ which according to the ‘experts’ at the gender clinic, puberty blockers would be considered ‘standard of care’ for any child with ‘persistent, well documented gender dysphoria’. This will lead to female hormones and eventually surgery.” As we’ve also reported in the past, the puberty blockers Miles will likely soon be subjected to are not reversible and carry serious, long-term health risks.

“I’m currently making it my full-time job to gear up for a similar run [to Jeffrey Younger’s] at the family courts and get Miles away from Troy Weber-Brown and possibly full custody of my son,” Netz concluded.

But, folks, he can’t do this alone.

Just moments before Jeffrey Younger received the stunning ruling that he would, in fact, have an equal say in his son’s healthcare, he told LifeSite News that he was prepared to take his case all the way to the Supreme Court because he wanted to “protect every child in the United States from these abhorrent practices by the medical community.” 

“That’s one of the reasons why… we didn’t just say ‘Save James,’ we said ‘Save James, Save Thousands Of Kids’ and the reason we said that last part is we did not want to forget the other children who are suffering from this with parents that just don’t have the resources, the will, the capacity, the circumstances to fight,” Younger said at the time.

Family court is already hard enough. Now, with the cult of “inclusivity” infecting the minds of people in authority, including jurors and judges, parents like Younger and Netz face a massive, expensive uphill battle in the fight for their children’s lives, to say nothing of the spiritual battle fought in prayer.

We must make a stand against this shocking trend of insane parents forcing transgenderism on their toddlers and young children. We must support parents like Netz before a dangerous precedent is set in our society. 

Please consider donating any amount you possibly can to Netz’s legal fees fund. Miles is in clear danger, and his father needs our help to rescue him.

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