Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem Compares Pro-Lifers to Hitler And The Nazis


One of the most popular arguments made by pro-aborts pro-abortion arguments is that it is a basic, fundamental human right to murder unborn children in the womb. They claim it is tyrannical and oppressive to restrict this “fundamental human right” to end the life of another human being. 

This is, of course, an argument they are having with their own consciences, because at the heart of the pro-life movement is the recognition that unborn babies are living humans with a soul and a purpose. The pro-life argument has nothing to do with “control” but rather right and wrong and the simple preservation of innocent human life and the value thereof.

Unfortunately, pro-aborts get completely lost in their misconception of the pro-life agenda. This was painfully clear in a recent interview Gloria Steinem had with Variety in which the 85-year-old feminist icon claimed that pro-lifers are akin to Adolph Hitler and the Nazis and the pro-life movement is “patriarchy.”


According to the interview, “… Steinem said Americans have yet to realize that controlling reproduction is the top priority of any oppressive government, and the very definition of the patriarchy.” This is an awfully ironic thing for someone like Steinem to say, as she believes that women should be allowed to kill their own babies. 

She went on to argue that every totalitarian regime begins with controlling women’s reproduction. How, by asserting that unborn babies are humans worthy of being born? Not only is this brazenly historically ignorant, but it’s also flat-out absurd

“It isn’t the side issue, it’s the basic issue. In circular, egalitarian cultures, women can decide the fate of their own bodies. If we did not have wombs, we’d be fine,” Steinem asserted.

“The definition of patriarchy is controlling reproduction, made way worse by racism, because then you really have to control reproduction to keep races separate, or caste, in India. This is the first step, whether it’s Brazil or India or Hitler’s Germany,” Steinem said.

“I don’t think we have yet understood that it is the first step in every authoritarian structure,” she claimed.

Apparently, Steinem believes that authoritarian governments control reproduction by placing no restrictions on procreation and then encouraging women to birth their babies. This, quite literally, is the opposite of reproduction or population control.

Steinem has made similar comments in the past. During a Planned Parenthood fundraiser in 2019, she claimed “there is no democracy” without the right to abort unborn babies.

“Our ability, men and women, to make decisions over our own bodies is the first step of democracy,” she told the crowd at the annual fundraiser in Stamford, Connecticut. “There is no democracy without that.”

She even went as far as to claim that if men could get pregnant, “abortion would be a sacrament.”

Steinem believes that the pro-life movement is, essentially, just a bunch of men telling women that they must bear children. She believes women are victims of the “patriarchy” and of pregnancy, so to deny them the right to end pregnancies is oppressive and controlling. This is obviously extremely inaccurate. 

As LifeNews reports, “Today, the pro-life movement continues to be led by women, many of whom have had abortions themselves and now understand the truth. Killing an innocent human being can never be a means to achieving freedom, especially one’s own child. As the pro-life group New Wave Feminists once wrote: ‘When our liberation costs innocent lives, it’s merely oppression redistributed.’”

Pray that God will remove the wool from Steinem’s eyes and she can come to the understanding of the true value of every human life, which is what pro-lifers are actually fighting for.

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