Finnish Parents Lose Custody Of 15-Year-Old Daughter For Refusing “Gender Reassignment”


The transgender movement has ripped yet another family apart.

According to Svenska Yle, a Finnish couple lost custody of their 15-year-old daughter for refusing to go along with her plan to “transition” to male.

The report, translated from Swedish, states that the girl’s parents, whose identities have been anonymized, prevented her from “correcting her gender” with hormone treatments.

Two summers ago, the family moved from Finland and their daughter, Nea, developed very troubling friendships.

Her parents, Kari and Niina, say Nea went from acting and dressing “very feminine” to dressing like a male and lamenting being “born in the wrong body.” Shortly thereafter, Nea demanded that Kari and Niina allow her to begin taking testosterone and, eventually, get a mastectomy.

When Nea’s parents questioned if this was the “right solution” for her and refused to begin the long, dangerous road of so-called “gender correction,” Nea became very hostile.

Soon after, one of Nea’s friends contacted the police and filed a criminal report against her parents.

Nea was taken by authorities and spent a few months in an orphanage before being returned to her parents, who planned to return to Finland with her.

According to Yle, “reports from the first orphanage where Nea was placed mention that her friends encouraged her to break contact with her parents.”

Describing Nea as a “girl of a sensitive age and with mental challenges,” her parents say they “demanded” that she stop seeing the friends who were filling her mind with transgender ideology, but she refused.

After school one day, Nea returned to the police station with a local transgender activist and reported her parents for not affirming her gender identity (reported to the police?!) Yle states that Nea was diagnosed and “able to start the care process” in spite of the fact that her parents’ rights were still intact.

Nea began hormone treatment right away without her parents, who still had custody at the time, ever even being consulted.

Nea’s parents turned to their home country of Finland for help, but being in another European Union country, Finnish authorities were unable to interfere.

This is an absolute nightmare! How horrifying for your child to be lured away, brainwashed by transgender propaganda, and then to spit in your face when you try to rescue them!

As Nea was soon approaching legal adulthood, her parents eventually gave up on trying to regain custody of her. Now, they told Yle, they only run into her by chance out in public, where she refuses to make eye contact with them.

“We still told her that the door is always open if she wants to return home,” Kari and Niina said.

Watching a video of Nea six months into hormone treatment, her parents were distraught to see that their daughter had developed a deeper voice, put on weight, and grown more hair.

“Without over-dramatizing, you can say that as the voice, appearance and personality change, it is as if they had killed our child,” said the girl’s mother.

Transgender “affirmation” is a social epidemic. Nea is not the first child to abandon her family in search of some alternate identity of her own making. With “gender identity” ideology permeating public schools worldwide and record numbers of children being referred for “gender confirmation” services, we can be sure she won’t be the last either.

Please pray for Nea and every child targeted by the transgender plague.

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