What Do Freakish Drag Queens And Michelle Obama Have In Common?


No, we’re not talking about the conspiracy theory that Michelle Obama is a transsexual, so you can forget about that. But don’t worry, this is just about as weird.

The blog Deplorable Kel posted over the weekend that the Michelle Obama Public Library in Long Beach, California, is not only named after the racist wife of our former president but was also the recent host to a very disturbing Drag Queen Story Hour.

We’ve shared before how library story hours are being perverted by rabid leftists across the country (OK, mostly San Francisco and New York City) who think it’s a very cute and fun idea to have garish drag queens read storybooks to small children.

I guess making paper bag hand puppets and being read “Cat In The Hat” by an elderly librarian is just too conventional for today’s edgy city-dwelling parents.

The story time at the Michelle Obama Public Library, however, takes the creepiness of this kind of storytime to a whole new level by featuring, “Xochi Mochi”.

Xochi Mochi, Kel explains, is a man who dresses as a woman and identifies as…a killer clown from outer space. No, seriously.

“Right off the bat Xochi Mochi is a killer clown from outer space, just like the movie! But she’s so much more than just that. She embodies different cultural clowns such as the traditional American White Face, French Pierrot, Japanese Harijuku and sexy interpretations of aliens with combinations of each other to embody a certain look or emotion,” he says, according to a blog about his drag career that Kel found.

“See, I’ve always been a clown and Xochi has never been an alter ego, but more of an extension of myself,” he says. “It was never a “why” but more self-expression.”


This is the kind of person parents really want reading books to their children? Why go to such great lengths to entertain them with a freakishly dressed “killer clown”?

Today’s leftist parents care more about being hip and down with the cause than they do with their own children’s well-being and psychological security. There was a time when anyone dressed like this man dresses would be considered potentially scary for a little one, but because he’s a cross-dresser and it’s 2017, anything goes.

It truly is fitting that this is happening at a library named after Michelle Obama, because this is a very good example of the sorry, sad state her husband’s presidency left our country in.

Lord have mercy.