George Floyd Protesters Form Human Chain To Protect Target From Looters In Brooklyn


Warning: The video in this article contains some inappropriate language.

Images and footage from riots that followed the peaceful nationwide protests over the police death of George Floyd have shown the best—and the worst—of Americans during this intense trial.

In one example of the immense courage of Americans standing up for their communities, a video has surfaced depicting peaceful protesters forming a human chain to defend their local Target store from looters.

In a video captured and shared by Forbes reporter Andrew Solender, a lone protester armed with a large pole stood in front of the Atlantic Terminal Mall attempting to fend off looters.

As others began crowding the area looking to get in, with one shaking a can of spray paint, it looked as though the woman was about to be outnumbered.

Within seconds, over a dozen people swarmed the doors, getting between the woman and the looters and linking arms to barricade them from the store.

The heroic incident came as Target announced the temporary closure of 175 of its locations, 12 of which were in New York, as cities across the nation succumbed to violence and chaos.

Other Target stores were decimated by looters, including one in Minneapolis at the epicenter of the riots.

“We are heartbroken by the death of George Floyd and the pain it is causing communities across the country,” the company said Sunday, announcing that its Minneapolis store would remain boarded up until further notice.

The Brooklyn protesters have received hearty praise for standing against the looters, with many claiming that the protests had been co-opted by opportunists with an agenda.

“I was right there, front-line, explaining to them that we are simply doing a peaceful protest,” the man, identified as David from Brooklyn, told Forbes reporter Andrew Solender.

David added that he feared police were involved in orchestrating some looting, which the protesters opposed: “That is not the narrative we are painting for our generation.”

“We want peace, we want unity — we want to feel safe again in our country,” he said. “That’s why we’re here — to show America that we’re not afraid to fight back terrorism, racism and anything that oppresses us as brothers and women. Because we are all Americans, and that’s how we should stay … as one.”

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