HGTV’s ‘House Hunters’ Promotes Polyamory, Features “Throuple” Husband and Wives


Leftists are fawning over the latest episode of HGTV’s “House Hunters” which featured a polyamory-practicing “throuple” or “triad” searching for a home.

Gosh, do we ever get a break from this garbage?

According to The Daily Wire, the episode, titled “Three’s Not a Crowd in Colorado Springs,” features Brian, Lori, and Angelica (known as “Geli”) on their hunt for a new home not long after their “commitment ceremony” in Aruba.

“Brian and Lori married in 2002 and have two children, and are raising them with Geli’s input,” Deadline notes.

How in God’s green earth does that even work?! There are no words for how sick it is to be so perverted and sex-crazed that you’d impose an additional parent on your own children! Dear Lord!!

The Daily Wire continues:

In the episode, the husband, Brian, revealed that he always knew his wife to be bisexual and “evolved” to meet her tastes. The pair met Geli at a sports bar and the relationship unfolded “naturally.” The three moved to Colorado Springs after he landed a new job in sports marketing that allowed him to work remotely.

“I understood from day one, even when we were dating, that Lori was bisexual and interested in women and men, and so we evolved to point where we were comfortable having another woman in our lives,” he said.

“The past four years, I have been living in Lori and Brian’s house, so buying a house together as a throuple will signify our next big step as a family of five rather than all four of them plus me,” Geli said.

Unsurprisingly, the episode prompted a cascade of both adoration and disgust from viewers on social media.

“HGTV really might be the most progressive show on TV. About to watch a polyamory couple fight over a house!” said USA Today’s Hemal Jhaveri, who live-tweeted the entire episode.

“Wow I love to wake up and read everyone’s Twitter opinions on a polyamorous throuple featured on HGTV! Happy Valentine’s Day to me; glad you’re all such intolerant f***ing babies!” tweeted Jennifer Martin of Topix, apparently not realizing the immense irony of being intolerant of people who disapprove of polyamory.

Other people on social media were disappointed to see HGTV promote polyamory in such a casual way.

“The normalization of polyamory rolls down the track, just as I and others predicted it would. It was, as I said, less a “slippery slope” than a simple unfolding of the logic of social liberalism,” said professor Robert George.

How utterly horrible.

Marriage has been profaned and perverted for some time now, but it is no less shocking to see it flash across our TV screens in such a mainstream, normalized fashion.

Marriage is meant to be the commitment of one man and one woman to honor and cherish each other, to die to self and live in continual Christlike service to each other and their children. It is one of the most beautiful ways we can reflect God’s nature and His love for His Bride.

Polyamory is the marital equivalent of polytheism and idolatry. This nation should repent of such sin, not celebrate it on mainstream television.

And let’s turn off HGTV!!!

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