High School Students Pressed to Answer Questions About Their Sexuality, Religious Beliefs


Liberals are destroying America with identity politics and their progressive social agenda, and they’re using the public education system to do it. The school system has fallen into the hands of the left and many LGBT-identifying teachers and advocates have become emboldened to push “diversity” and “inclusion” in the classroom, onto their unsuspecting and vulnerable students.

The school year has had a rocky start for some of the 10th graders at Heritage High School in Wake Forest, North Carolina. According to Todd Starnes, Dina Bartus, an upset mother of two students at the school, reached out to him over an incident involving her son’s English II Honors teacher. Bartus told Starnes that the teacher “distributed a ‘Diversity Inventory’ worksheet and called on students to reveal their religion, economic status, and sexual preference.”

Starnes reports:

The students were then instructed to stand under “titles” that asked questions like, “what makes you the most privileged?”

The teacher, who identified herself to students as bisexual, told the class she is privileged because she is white, Mrs. Bartus told me.

“According to my son there were kids that did not want to answer them but she made them,” she said. “The questions are not only inappropriate, but they are none of her business.”

Mrs. Bartus said that students were also encouraged to report on other students.

“This teacher has crossed the line,” she told me. “She has put students in very uncomfortable and possibly dangerous situations.”

This kind of “diversity icebreaker” is becoming more common around the country and in every case it’s completely inappropriate and only serves to create unnecessary tension among students, not to mention make them feel insanely uncomfortable. 

There is no purpose to these kinds of activities other than to force these kids into the roles of victim or oppressor. These activities also shame kids for things they have no control over such as their parents’ economic status or the color of their skin. The teacher saying she is privileged because she is white is outright racist, a point Mrs. Bartus also discussed with Starnes. 

“The fact that she stood up in front of her class, which has minorities in it and said she is privileged because she is white is racist itself,” Bartus said. “I can’t imagine how those kids must have felt.”

The Wake County Public School System told the teacher to stop using the worksheet and told the Raleigh News & Observer, “The Diversity Inventory worksheet in question is not a district-approved resource,” going on to give an obligatory nod to the LGBT community. “We will continue to work with educators on how to effectively lead important conversations connected to identity, culture, and other sensitive topics as appropriate.”

This teacher has no business around children in a classroom setting. It’s clear she is determined to socially indoctrinate her students, not educate them. She has indeed created a dangerous environment by encouraging the teens to focus on the reasons why they are actually better or worse than their classmates. This kind of mentality is toxic and will only lead to conflict.

The whole idea that some people are inherently privileged over others causes arrogance among the supposed privileged and resentment among the underprivileged. We must stop focusing on things none of us can control. We have to get back to not judging a book by its cover and, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. put it, judge people by the content of their character.

If your children are in the public school system, stay vigilant and involved. This is not an isolated incident and your child could be the next victim of liberal indoctrination. Pray for our public schools.


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