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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Turkish Government Gives Us a Friendly Reminder That Gay People Are Not Oppressed in America

Even though the LGBT left are fully convinced that they are perpetual victims of right-wing thought crime at the mere suggestion that their lifestyle might be sinful, the Muslim world can always be relied upon for a sobering reminder of what hate truly looks like. 

New Jersey Schools Break Barriers for Transgender Athletes and Totally Disenfranchise Female Athletes

Say it with me now: men and women are inherently different.  We live in a time when man has been to the moon, we've put a rover on Mars, we can communicate with anyone at any time around the planet with a mere swipe of our smartphone, and we've mapped the human genome. 

First Gender Confused Man Ordained By Methodist Church

That's right--the Methodist Church has just ordained a man who, after secretly dressing up as a woman behind the back of his wife and children, decided to simply live as a woman and to continue to pursue a career in ministry rather than actually cope with his serious spiritual and mental issues. 

Are African Elephants Really More Important Than American Babies?

Elephants and other safari animals are often a point of extreme outrage from the left, who clearly consider a life valuable only if it seems exotic and possibly endangered. Remember when everyone melted down over Cecil the lion? 
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