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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Teen Vogue Writer to Deceased Billy Graham: “Have Fun In Hell, B****”

Proving once again that Teen Vogue is a cesspool of depravity and vulgarity, a Teen Vogue contributor Lauren Duca took to Twitter on Wednesday to actually grave dance at the news of respected evangelist Billy Graham's passing.

Meltdown Over Jennifer Lawrence’s Skimpy Dress Proves Feminists Can’t Make Up Their Minds About Anything

Feminism, once the idea that women deserved equal rights as their male counterparts, has been reduced from this once noble goal to mean nothing more than a reason to whine about anything, ever, no matter how trivial. Enter Jennifer Lawrence in a Versace dress in 3-degree weather, and the feminist...

EXCLUSIVE: Meet the Vulgar Lawyer Behind Delaware Proposal To Allow Children To Change Gender/Race

We received a very explosive tip today from a source which has chosen to remain anonymous that one of the men behind the proposal is a shameless pervert who has posted vulgar language and images on his personal social media account, even using a well-known gay slur.

Bizarre “Diversity” Survey Asks Middle Schoolers About Gay Bars, Transsexuality

Black History Month is, apparently, now just another opportunity to indoctrinate young students with far-left intersectional politics and, of course, shamelessly expose them to highly-sensitive and sexually-charged topics they have absolutely no business learning about in middle school. 
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The Activist Mommy Mocks Personal Hit Piece from the LGBT Advocate Magazine

I’m no stranger to the pain of slander. You feel violated, like a knife stab from the inside that you can’t see or remove. But honestly, the lies in The Advocate article don’t hurt, because they’re so unbelievably laughable and disingenuous that I think my husband and I got hernias...

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