WHO Will No Longer Classify Being Transgender as Mental Illness

If you think that the crazy intersectional philosophy that has been dominating the culture war over the last decade is unique to the American left, you haven't been paying attention.

Christian Bakers Who Lost Their Business After Refusing to Bake a Cake Weigh In on Recent Supreme Court Decision

Aaron and Melissa Klein are two of the people who can best relate to Jack Phillips, the man who recently won his first, and most significant, battle against a state that sought to prioritize anti-discrimination laws over his First Amendment religious liberty.

Far-Left Southern Poverty Law Center Settles for Millions in Defamation Suit

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which considers itself a "civil rights" organization, has, for far too long, been using their perceived authority as to what constitutes a "hate group" to unfairly characterize and demonize honest advocacy groups that are far from hateful based on their own blatant political biases. 

Unhinged Peter Fonda Calls for Baron Trump to Be “Put in a Cage With Pedophiles”

Just when you think crazy leftists in Hollywood can't possibly get any more dramatic, Peter Fonda has just blown every outrageous angry anti-Trump tweet completely out of the water. 
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The Activist Mommy Mocks Personal Hit Piece from the LGBT Advocate Magazine

I’m no stranger to the pain of slander. You feel violated, like a knife stab from the inside that you can’t see or remove. But honestly, the lies in The Advocate article don’t hurt, because they’re so unbelievably laughable and disingenuous that I think my husband and I got hernias...

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