Wednesday, April 25, 2018

San Francisco Church to Hold “Beyonce Mass” Because Apparently the Gospel Isn’t Enough in 2018

If you're wondering if there's some kind of political agenda behind bringing a glorified pop star's music into a church meant to worship God, you'd be correct. The church is holding the event to use Beyonce's music to explore the way she reaches "marginalized families," following in the grand leftist tradition of liberation theology, that teaches there's no need to wait for Christ's Kingdom for justice, but rather, Christians should fight for culturally Marxist social justice right here on earth. 

Judge Warns Assault Victim to Use Preferred Pronoun for Her Attacker During Testimony

As MacLachlan described to the court how she had her camera knocked out of the hand and was punched and kicked once she had fallen to the ground, District Judge Kenneth Grant warned her that "the defendant wished to be referred to as a woman, so perhaps you could refer to her as 'she' for the purpose of the proceedings."

Did A “Day Of Pink” 3rd Grade Poster Contest Just Advocate Pedophilia?

Just when you think you simply can't be shocked by the way public schools are indoctrinating and programming our children, a story like this comes out. 

Illinois’ Plan to Mandate LGBTQ Education in K-12 Schools

There is a pervasive plan on the left to prevent trans or homosexual students from being bullied by adding far-left, pro-LGBTQ education to the curriculum, or in the case of a bill in Illinois, to flat-out mandate it, starting in kindergarten, of course.
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