Saturday, August 18, 2018

Waste Removal Company Responsible for Remains of Third-Trimester Abortions Puts Crosses and Holy Water on Deceased Babies

Never has there been so perfect an example of what it looks like to keep the outside of the vessel clean. 

Vogue Gives Tips on How to “Awaken Your Inner Witch.” No, Seriously.

Pray for these women that they'd wake up and seek the Lord while He can still be found. 

LGBT Community Upset Over the Religious Freedom Granted to Lesbian Witch Cult…Huh?

If you are someone who is of the opinion that biblical morality is the best standard for how one should live their lives, you probably don't make much of a distinction in your mind between radical feminist lesbian witches and gender-confusion proponents. 

Why Has Planned Parenthood Remained Leaderless After Cecile Richards’ Resignation?

It's hard to imagine an organization as large as Planned Parenthood operating without a president in a time that it would seem vital for them to sink their claws even deeper into the realm of political influence. 
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