Tuesday, October 23, 2018

AZ Dem Who Called Stay-at-Home Moms “Leeches” is First Open Bisexual Running for Senate

Now, it's apparently braver to consider a sexual encounter with a woman than it is to be a female leader in the military. 

Dem. Candidate for Arizona Senate: Stay-at-Home-Moms Are “Leeches”

Just another rabid leftist who really has no interest in protecting women, but rather, in using women as pawns in an agenda that would strip them of their valuable role in the home and family and dehumanize them through the barbaric practice of abortion.

Vulgar Animated Series “Big Mouth” Totes Disproven Planned Parenthood Statistics

Whichever way you slice it, the 3% figure is clearly mythical. 

Mother Upset After Her 11-Year-Old Son Surveyed on Sexual Orientation By School

Parents today need to be extra vigilant if they'd like to keep track of all the ideas being placed in their children's head at school.
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