Joe Biden Declares “Transgender Equality Is The Civil Rights Issue of Our Time”


In the magical utopian fairyland that is the Democratic platform, power-hungry individuals get to pander to their hearts’ content to every possible minority group, promising them “equality” and, of course, plenty of free stuff.

Inching ever closer to the fateful 2020 presidential election, the party’s presidential hopefuls are becoming increasingly desperate to make themselves relevant to voters of every stripe.

Joe Biden, bless his heart, gave it his best shot with a Saturday tweet declaring his support for the right of every man and woman to live in an alternate reality in which their clothing, pronouns, and surgical mutilation determines their “identity.”

“Transgender equality is the civil rights issue of our time,” declared the former vice president.

Bad move, Joe.

Let’s break it down.

If there’s “no room for compromise,” what does that mean for the actual women who are being erased and victimized by biological men who throw on a dress and demand entrance and acceptance into women-only spaces like shelters, bathrooms, and competitive sports?

What about the right to privacy for the little girl who risks a bladder infection because she doesn’t want to use the bathroom or locker room at school alongside a gender-confused little boy?

What about the hardworking female athletes who lose matches, titles, and scholarships to biological men who have simply been on estrogen for a year after living their entire lives with inherently stronger male physiology? Or, on that note, the women who have their skulls broken by their opponents without even being warned that they’ll be fighting a biological male?

What about the rights of women who were raped in prison after a man decided he was a woman, received “gender therapy” on the taxpayer dime, and demanded to be housed in a women’s facility?

What about the right to informed consent for the fathers whose sons are being “transitioned” against their will in spite of inconsistently identifying as “transgender” amid psychological abuse and neglect by their mothers?

What about the innocent children in communities where convicted child molesters are being released because, now that they identify as women and supposedly no longer have a “male sex drive,” they are deemed no longer a threat?

This is what the world looks like when transgender “rights” are made the top priority among our leaders. Transgender “equality” isn’t the civil rights issue of our time, it’s among the greatest threats of our time.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: transgenderism cannot have equality. It must have domination. The rights of real women and girls cannot truly coexist alongside the rights of men and boys who demand the right to invade and conquer these spaces.

The erasure of biological lines between men and women will be the erasure of women. Period.

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