Las Vegas Police Arrest Student Threatening a Shooting on Instagram–This Should Have Happened in Parkland


It is absolutely astounding how many anti-gun activists have managed to demonize the NRA and blame them for the horrific school shooting in Parkland, FL on February 14th. The students who survived the shootings themselves make culprits out of law-abiding gun owners living millions of miles away, when right in their own county law enforcement completely failed to respond to the clear threat that Nikolas Cruz posed on his community.

The Broward County Sherrif’s Office and local FBI officers both ignored multiple crimes Cruz committed and threats he made online, once claiming he was going to be “a professional school shooter” and expressing on another occasion that he planned to kill people.

Las Vegas Police, only six months after witnessing the worst mass shooting of all time, recently reacted the way law enforcement should when anyone is threatening murder or terrorism: they acted.

“Unlike the police in Broward County, Florida, who knew of threats the Valentine’s Day shooter had made but somehow never took him into custody as a result, Las Vegas Metropolitan police confronted with a similar situation took no chances: on Sunday they took into custody an eighth-grader who posted deadly threats regarding his school on Instagram,” reports Hank Barrien of the Daily Wire. 

“The 13-year-old student from Pinecrest Academy had made five posts on Instagram, some of which included messages such as ‘Prepare for school on Monday’ and ‘I’m going to murder you.’ He wrote that he had a death list, according to Fox5Vegas,” Barrien explains. 

Fox5Vegas also noted that the student told other Instagram users they were on his death list.

When the Pinecrest Academy faculty became aware of the threats, they immediately contacted police, as well as sending an email out to parents alerting them of the situation.

Contrast this with Broward County, where the school had an agreement with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office that students who committed crimes would not be prosecuted, because, diversity or something. This agreement was part of the Obama-era “Promise” program, and it ultimately cost 17 individuals their lives.

Holding children accountable for actual crimes they commit is the one and only way for them to truly learn the weight of their actions. It’s that simple. Who knows how many lives were saved by these administrators and police officers.

If only it had been the same in Broward County.