LGBT Site Celebrates Middle-Aged Man’s “Relationship” With 16-Year-Old Boy


America is spiraling out of control down the slippery slope of sexual immorality and depravity. How did we get here so fast? It seems like just yesterday our biggest worry was with the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of homosexual “marriage.” That’s old news now. 

Once homosexuality became normalized in society, it was only a matter of time before the LGBT agenda began targeting children.

We seem to be literally fighting daily for the innocence of our children and their protection in public spaces from blatant sexual indoctrination and grooming. Society has devolved rapidly into a cesspool of sexual debauchery that would make Sodom and Gomorrah look like a beacon of light.

We have to wake up and see the LGBT movement for what it is: the sexual grooming of children. 

Drag Queen Story Hours, in which young children are exposed to grown men parading around as scantily clad, grotesque “women” for the purpose of hearing stories about “love” and “acceptance,” are a good example. 

We have reported cases of drag queens teaching children how to twerk, allowing children to lay on top of them, and teaching children and teens how to become drag queens themselves. There have even been full-blown drag shows featuring child drag queens dancing and gyrating for the entertainment of grown adults who shower them with dollar bills. Let’s not forget the fact that many of these drag queens are being outed as sexual predators, but, for the sake of “tolerance,” the show must go on.

The natural conclusion of all these incidents of hooking young children into the sex-centric culture is always lurking in the shadows of the LGBT movement. 

What is this natural conclusion? The normalization of pedophilia. 

Matt Walsh recently reported a disturbing case of LGBT news site Pink News celebrating a clear case of child exploitation that’s totally OK because the individuals involved are gay. 

This week, the gay news site Pink News posted and then deleted a fawning profile of a gay couple with a troubling age gap. The article reported that the younger man, Kayleb, is 22 years old while the older man, Mark, is 55. This is creepy enough, but it gets much worse: the two have been “dating” for six years. Kayleb claims he was 17 when he met Mark, but the math would seem to put him at 16. Either way, it’s repulsive and wrong.

Somehow, it gets still worse. Mark was apparently Kayleb’s “first boyfriend,” and they originally had a “sugar daddy arrangement.” Translation: A 49-year-old man was paying a high school boy for sex. And this is something that a prominent, widely-read LGBT site thought we should join them in applauding.

It should go without saying that middle-aged men don’t really “date” high school boys. The correct term in this case is “grooming.” Mark found and groomed a boy young enough to be his son. Indeed, Kayleb refers to his abuser as “daddy,” so the father-son comparison is grotesquely apt. The kind of relationship that used to be featured on “To Catch A Predator” is now celebrated by LGBT media.

This is wrong and disturbing on so many levels, not the least of which is the fact that LGBT propaganda sites find this kind of thing to be a suitable story to share with their audience rather than report to proper authorities. We are supposed to buy into the whole idea of “love wins”  and swoon at the two star-crossed lovers making it work against all odds. 

In reality, a sexual relationship between a 16-year-old boy and a 49-year-old man is inappropriate, immoral, and completely depraved on all levels.

This isn’t the first time progressive, LGBT-aligned media outlets have highlighted this kind of disturbing relationship and it won’t be the last. The LGBT ideologues will continue their attempts to mainstream pedophilia. They will continue to put out stories like this to get a feel for the climate, and when the time comes, when enough of us have been bullied into conformity and silence, they will be able to spread pedophilia around unfettered, making it the next sexual abuse to become normalized in society.

Matt Walsh points out:

All of this moves our culture in the direction of sexualization of children. Normalizers of child sexual abuse will never come out and say, “We intend to normalize child sexual abuse.” Instead they’ll encourage us to be open-minded about “age gaps,” and they’ll admonish us for being disturbed by drag queens performing for children, and they’ll insist that there’s totally nothing sexual about men throwing money at a boy dancing in women’s clothes. In other words, they’ll do everything they’re currently doing. And they’ll trust that they can scare us into silence by calling us bigots for speaking out against it.

We will not be silenced. It is time to take a stand, resist, and push back. Future generations are literally depending on us. Will you be on the right side of history? 


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