Major Sex-Ed Bill Stopped In Washington State Thanks to the Efforts of Concerned Parents


Sometimes it feels like we, as pro-family conservatives, are fighting a losing battle against powers too great for our influence.

However, on April 3rd, concerned citizens in Washington State were successful in defeating the State House’s efforts to present a dangerous “comprehensive sex-ed” bill for a vote.  The bill had already passed in the State Senate, but Christians and conservatives united to ensure the bill would not make it into legislation.

We may feel small and powerless but when we unite we can make our voices heard and influence the kind of change America needs to see!

Washington State MassResistance was the force behind the strategic effort to stop this bill.  Activists worked to mobilize groups around the state, orchestrated rallies, and helped constituents better reach and communicate with their representatives.

Washington State has become a liberal stronghold in recent years, especially with last November’s elections, in which Democrats strengthened their hold on power in the state capital Olympia.  You know how it goes: whenever states go blue or simply get “bluer,” there is a greater push for more aggressive anti-family, anti-Christian policies and legislation.

We have seen it happening in blue states like California and New York, where the LGBT and Planned Parenthood and dictating what should be taught to our children in the public school forum.

The Democrats “comprehensive sex-ed” bill, SB 5395, was lobbied by Planned Parenthood and LBGT lobbyists.  It would have included the following disturbing requirements for public schools:

  1. It would require all public schools in the state to teach “comprehensive” sexuality education and gender theory in all grades – even Kindergarten. It would ostensibly be “age appropriate” – as defined by the school system.
  2. It would be “inclusive” – with sexuality lessons that include homosexual sex and transgenderism.
  3. It would teach all forms of birth control, including abortion, as well as abstinence.
  4. It allows schools to bring in outside LGBT or Planned Parenthood speakers.
  5. Borrowing from the hysteria over supposed “rape culture” on college campuses, the bill would teach the onerous concept of sexual “consent” to the young children.
  6. Parents could opt-out their children from parts of the curriculum through a written request. They could also request to review the curriculum.

Legislators attempt to pacify objecting parents by telling them they have the option to opt their children out of the parts they do not agree with.

This, however, is often a burdensome task and does not address how this type of “curriculum” changes the social climate and culture of the school in general.  Let’s not forget, their children would still be interacting with the children who are forced to learn the abusive and harmful information and it would not protect them from teachers who independently incorporate pro-LGBT propaganda in their classroom environments.

Getting the fight started

When the bill first passed in the State Senate earlier this year, MassResistance began their campaign of resistance.  They were not content with simply making phone calls and sending emails and it was their above and beyond, pro-active approach that resulted in the victory.

MassResistance rallied over one hundred outraged citizens to show up at a meeting of the Federal Way District School Board where State Senator Claire Wilson, a sponsor of the bill and an open lesbian, was in attendance on February 26th.

After the intense interaction that ensured, Senator Wilson resigned from her seat on the School Board!

While SB 5395 passed the State Senate two days later, it did so by a smaller margin than expected, 28-21, which indicated it would face difficulty in the State House.

MassResistance then set about rallying opposition to the bill as it headed towards the House. On April 1, around 2,000 Christian activists united on the steps of the Capitol building for a prayer rally on the bill and some headed inside to fill out “Stop 5395” legislation forms inside the building.

As a result of the mass united efforts by Christians and pro-family groups, the April 3 deadline passed without the Education Committee bringing SB 5395 for a vote.  It was confirmed that State House Reps did not even want to vote on the controversial bill!

This is a huge victory, not only for Washington State, but for all Christians, pro-family groups, and conservatives across the country.  So many believe that they do not have a chance against the big government legislators so they remain complacent and think others will stand up and fight.  The truth is, it will take all of us together and united, to fight back against corrupt and deranged legislation.

This kind of depravity is spreading across the country and as more states turn bluer we are seeing more and more of it.  So often we have facts and science on our side but allow the opposition to bully us around.  It is time to take a stand for Christian values and principles and a way of life that supports healthy family life in the United States.  If it can have a positive impact in Washington State it can certainly do the same elsewhere!

It is no longer enough to just vote, we have to be willing to engage in the political system and take on tyrannical lawmakers to see the change America so desperately needs.


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