The Many Ways in Which Tomi Lahren is Totally Wrong About Abortion


Tomi Lahren wants to have her cake and eat it too. Or, in biblical terms, to serve two masters.

The feisty blonde 20-something who made a name for herself bashing Beyonce and BLM seems to suddenly think that “social issues” don’t matter when it comes to ripping an unborn child out of the womb.

With another originalist judge on track to being appointed to the Supreme Court, everyone is wondering if this may ultimately lead to the possibility that Roe v. Wade may be overturned.

Most conservatives are hopeful, while most liberals are loudly pontificating about how important abortion rights are. Liberals, and Tomi Lahren.

Lahren has actually been open about her pro-choice stance for awhile now, but for some reason everyone had forgotten that she proudly declared “stay outta my body!” to a very friendly audience on The View last year.

Here’s what Elizabeth said to her back then:

Even worse than completely betray how selectively Tomi adheres to conservative values, she also went on to try to claim she’d “personally choose life” when later questioned on her views by understandably angry conservatives.

Either way, she’s wrong, and she was wrong once again last week when she used her platform on Fox to foolishly claim it would be a “mistake” to overturn Roe v. Wade and that Republicans “lose when we go after social issues.”

Really, Tomi? Do we?

Unfortunately for Tomi, there are a host of conservatives who are far more ideologically consistent than herself and were quick to scorn her inconsistent and foolish views, like Matt Walsh over at the Daily Wire.

First he debunks the notion that we “lose” when we go after social issues. “The problem with abandoning social issues is that Republicans have already abandoned social issues, and we are still waiting for the positive results this strategy was supposed to generate. I think we will be waiting forever,” he says, and he’s right. Where have we “won” by abandoning social issues?

He also points out that someone is actually winning by going after social issues: liberals. 

“While Republicans scamper like frightened deer from any discussion of morality, the Left frames almost all of its arguments in moral terms. They frame the arguments wrongly, and dishonestly, but the fact remains that they use moral language,” he explains.

People care about morality much, much more than Tomi gives them credit for–and clearly more than she herself personally does, which is why Walsh addresses the fact that she simply can’t defend her position of “personally” choosing life.

You’re either pro-life and think abortion is an abhorrent holocaust that absolutely must be put to an end–or you’re pro-abortion. There is no in-between.

We pro-lifers are either wrong or right. We cannot be anything in between. We leave Tomi Lahren and everyone else no room to straddle the line. The claim we make is too radical, too absolute, too severe. We insist that actual human persons are being legally and systematically murdered by the thousands every day in America. We insist that 60 million such persons have lost their lives in the last few decades. We insist that entire generations are being erased from existence. If we are wrong, then there is no reason to respect us, support us, or “personally agree” with us on any level. We are maniacs and oppressors, and that is what you should call us.

But if we are right, then this matter deserves your undivided attention. If we are right, then our fight is the most important fight in the world. If we are right, then this mere “social issue” dwarfs every other issue and the only criticism you can make of our tactics and our rhetoric is that they are not radical enough. Certainly, at a minimum, if we are right then abortion is a holocaust and our government should abolish this holocaust for the same reason it abolished Hitler’s holocaust. It should abolish it even more so, actually, because it is presently guilty of facilitating and funding this holocaust. So, you must either be radically in agreement with us or radically opposed. I do not see how any rational, thinking person could sit in the middle ground. There is no middle ground.

Walsh wasn’t the only one to pulverize Tomi’s views, either. Ben Shapiro, ever the expert debunker of leftist myths and other actual conservatives destroyed her reasoning in a few simple tweets, to which she had no intelligent response other than to complain about being boxed in.


Tomi argues that abortion should be legal pretty much as well as the left does, by using logical fallacies and moral relativism suited to her own personal desires, melting down into emotionalism and immature tantrums when she’s called out for simply having bad arguments.