Massive International Child Pornography Ring Busted in Ontario


Warning: this article contains information about horrific crimes against children

Some of the harshest proclamations of judgment in the Bible are reserved for those who harm precious, innocent children.

While we must trust in God’s perfect justice after this life, we can still find great comfort when wicked, vile people who prey on children receive a hearty dose of justice here on earth.

Thanks to a collaborative effort between the Ontario Provincial Police, the Toronto Police Department, and the Department of Homeland Security, the proprietors of a massive child pornography ring will get to experience that justice firsthand.

Barrie 360 reports:

Beginning in October of 2012 with a complaint to the Toronto Police Service, Project GREENWELL began with a complaint to Toronto Police in October 2012. It became a complex, multi-national criminal investigation that first looked at those who uploaded and downloaded images and video files servers were housed at a business in Toronto known as YesUp Media.

A subsequent investigation – Project BLACKHEATH – targeted the operators of the business who knowingly facilitated the sharing of these images for profit. There were 60,000 registered users in at least 116 different countries and at least 19,013 users purchased 30-day premium memberships.

The police likened the web-based service, which made hardcore child pornography available to subscribers for a fee, to a “big box store” and described the files found in their investigation as “really, really horrific.”

Altogether, the servers seized had a capacity of 1,000 terabytes. To give you an idea of just how large that is, the average 2-hour movie would have a roughly 1.5-gigabyte file size. One terabyte is equivalent to 1,000 gigabytes, so you can only imagine the sheer volume of content of horrifically victimized children the YesUp headquarters housed.

If that doesn’t have you absolutely fuming, you may need to be checked for a pulse.

Police reported that the child porn program had nearly 60,000 registered users in 116 countries, but only 12,000 have been identified so far. 

Nearly 400,000 files were uploaded to the site, and they were downloaded a staggering 19,000,000 times. Breaking down some of the identified users by country, 2,027 were in America, 331 were in Canada, 3,806 used the site across Europe.

This is pure evil and absolutely demonic. The fact that anyone would seek out this kind of evil, disgusting material is bad enough, but tens of thousands of people? Lord, have mercy on us!

Sadly, no criminal justice system on the face of the earth is equipped to handle each and every one of these sick individuals. With only 12,000 found so far, most of the consumers of this particular child porn ring will never be investigated or charged. They’ll be free to move on to the next service provider, the next wicked man or woman to sell these precious children out for money.

One can barely handle the thought without breaking down and weeping for this fallen world!

How did we get here? Why is the sexual exploitation of young children so rampant?

Everyday For Life Canada, as reported by Life Site News, has a few ideas:

…why is this sexual evil so widespread in our society? Why sexually attack and victimize children who are innocent and know nothing about sex? These questions have no simple answer. However, we have managed to hyper-sexualize our society over the last two generations, starting with the sexual revolution. Many have pushed for every sexual orientation and pleasure to be normalized. The United Nations and our public schools are doing the same thing. It’s all about “inclusive and diversity” education. There is a fallout in promoting a sexualized society without limits. Children too get sexualized. They get hurt and abused. So, will the next step be to legalize pedophilia? Let’s hope not. We need to protect children from being over-sexualized and exploited.

Amen! This is what the Activist Mommy mission is all about. While ordinary citizens sit on the sidelines, a vile agenda continues its rampage on our society, one that inevitably leads to the wholesale abuse and exploitation of children.

Before the police ever stepped in, we as a society should have done our part to prevent this from ever happening.

It’s never too late to speak up. Not only should we be standing firm against the trafficking and sexual abuse of children, we need to stop it at the root and fight the leftist movement to sexualize our children with everything we’ve got.

If you ever encounter child pornography or other evidence of abuse and exploitation online, please report it here, and please pray for the Lord to do a mighty work of healing in the hearts of the precious babies who have been victimized by this evil.


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