Media IGNORING Mass Slaughter of Christians in Nigeria


The mainstream media has given us ample coverage of the horrific mosque shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand weekend.

And, as well they should. It was a ghastly event that the world should absolutely mourn such a senseless act of violence.

But why on earth are they systematically ignoring the mass slaughter of Christian farmers in Nigeria at the hands of Muslim herdsmen?

Surely any religious-based violence such as this deserves equal attention.

Church Militant reports:

At least 120 Nigerian Christians have been killed since early February in a string of violent attacks that are being attributed to Fulani militants.

On March 11 alone, a string of attacks left 53 dead and 143 homes destroyed in the villages of Inkirimi and Dogonnoma in the Kajuru Local Government Area in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Just a day before that, an attack on the village of Ungwan Barde killed 17 people and destroyed dozens of homes. One month prior, about 16 people had been killed in Ungwan Barde village in a series of attacks on Feb. 9 and 10.

The governor of Kaduna State imposed a curfew last week on the local government area owing to the deadly outbreak of violence.

On Feb. 26, some 32 Nigerian Christians were killed in the Maro district of the Kaduna State. The attackers burned down an evangelical church and shot people fleeing. This violence was also suspected to be the work of Fulani militants.

Local lawmakers say the recent attacks have displaced at least 3,000 locals, with many people’s homes destroyed and many others fleeing for safety.

In Benue State, Fulani attacks on several villages on March 4 left 23 dead.

They explain that such acts of violence began about a year ago, and stem from longstanding tensions between the majority Muslim Fulani herdsman and the majority Christian farmers.

In 2017, the Nigerian government passed laws that would prevent the Fulani herdsman from allowing their livestock to graze on the farmer’s private property, hoping it would ease tensions between the opposing groups, but it only made things worse.

And now, hundreds of Christians are dead.

Unfortunately, I’m guessing you know as well as I why international media outlets are virtually silent on this mass murder.

It’s because the mass slaughter of Christians simply doesn’t fit the narrative. In fact, the mass slaughter of Muslims doesn’t even fit their narrative, which is probably why there is considerably far less media attention when anyone other than a white person kills a large amount of Muslims at once.

Christchurch only mattered to the mainstream media because the perpetrator was a white person who professed white supremacy.

The mainstream media didn’t care about how horrific the shooting was; they cared that they could use it to perpetuate their cultural Marxist agenda.

Kind of sheds a whole new light on the amount of coverage they gave the shooting, doesn’t it?


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