Mother of 7-Year-Old James Younger Requesting Judge’s Recusal from Case


The mother of a 7-year-old boy at the center of an intense and high-profile custody battle in Texas over whether or not the boy should undergo gender transition “treatments” is now calling for the judge in the case to recuse herself. 

The father of James Younger, Jeffrey Younger, has insisted that James does not believe he is a girl and prefers to wear boys’ clothing and use his given name in his presence and has testified as much in court. 

His mother, however, insists that James is really “Luna” and has been dressing him in girls’ clothing and even allegedly withdrawing affection from the child if he does not do so. 

As we reported yesterday, James has chosen to attend school as a boy, thankfully, after having been given the opportunity to make the choice himself. 

The mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, however, has now sought Judge Kim Cooks’ recusal over social media posts on the case. 

The Dallas Morning News reports:

The mother, Anne Georgulas, filed a motion Tuesday seeking the recusal of Dallas Judge Kim Cooks and a motion to conform to the jury’s verdict granting the mother sole custody of the 7-year-old and the child’s twin sister[brother]

The mother, a Coppell pediatrician who says the 7-year-old is a transgender girl, had sought to modify the joint custody of the 7-year-old if her ex-husband did not affirm the child’s social transition by allowing the child to dress and be referred to as a girl. The father, Jeffrey Younger, disagrees and has blogged that the child would be “chemically castrated’ by his ex-wife. The mother had said she was only seeking a social transition for the child and had no plans to place their child on medication or hormones at such a young age.

The jury had granted the mother sole custody of the children, but Cooks instead upheld the joint custody, placed a gag order on both parents and ordered therapy for the family because of publicity about the case.

Cooks reshared a story from The Dallas Morning News on her Facebook that was originally posted by someone else with the caption “Here’s the truth! READ IT and THEN GO RUN TELL THAT!,” according to a statement from Georgulas’ friend, Karen Hirsch.

In her resharing post, Cooks said: “The Governor nor any legislature had any influence on the Court’s Decision.”

This is a very troubling situation. Should Georgulas prevail in getting Cooks recused from the case, the jury’s decision could be upheld and Mr. Younger could lose custody of James and the progress he has made helping James affirm he is, in fact, a boy.

In the motion for recusal, Georgulas’ attorney said, “The judge even commented on the case – a pending matter in her court – on her Facebook page, and in doing so invited (and permitted) ex parte communication about it.”

According to the Dallas Morning News, “The mother’s attorneys are also arguing that Cooks’ ruling, which ignored the jury’s decision to essentially grant Georgulas sole custody of the 7-year-old and twin, violates a Texas family code statute that states a jury can decide case questions ‘if an issue is properly pleaded and is supported by some evidence.’”

The case caught the attention of Gov. Greg Abbott, the Attorney General’s office, and the Department of Family and Protective Services and has shed light on the imminent need for legislation that would protect children under the age of 18 from the dangers of medical transitions.

We continue to urge you to pray for this dear little boy and the precedent his situation could cause.  Should James’ mother be successful in getting Cooks recused it will only result in more court battles, more legal fees, and more instability for a young boy who only wants to be a little boy. 

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