New York Introduces Bill To Offer Free Abortion Pills To State University Students On Campus


Unsurprisingly, New York continues to propose legislation to buttress its culture of death at every point.

A recently proposed bill calls for State University of New York (SUNY) students to have access to abortion pills from on-campus student health centers. The pills would be paid for with a combination of public and private funds managed by the comptroller, the SUNY chancellor, and the state health commissioner.

According to Rochester First, SUNY health centers already offer women gynecological exams, breast exams, birth control, and pregnancy counseling.

While the state’s vocal leftist majority seems intent on following in California’s footsteps and shoving the bill through the legislature and onto radically pro-abortion Governor Andrew Cuomo’s desk, several of the state’s pro-life leaders are speaking out against the bill.

Jim Harden, CEO of CompassCare crisis pregnancy centers, said adverse effects of the bill were clearly not considered as it was being written.

“You’re not providing actual patient care in a student health environment with a doctor-patient relationship ongoing,” he told Rochester First. “There’s follow up that’s required, there’s monitoring that’s required, and all of this is extracted from the woman’s experience on campus. It’s dangerous for her.”

Feminists Choosing Life of New York executive director Michele Sterlace-Accorsi stated that the bill is counter-productive and that the legislature should be funding measures to help women avoid abortion.

“What it doesn’t help finance are campus child care centers, any kind of desperately needed pre-natal care,”Sterlace-Accorsi said. “These are the impediments that interfere with women’s ability again to carry an unplanned pregnancy to term, to choose life for their children, and also have a career.”

Outside of New York, Students For Life of America President Kristan Hawkins explained the dangers of the bill in an interview with One America News.

Hawkins pointed to the three-year process the similar bill in California took, noting that even the state’s staunchly pro-abortion legislators were concerned about the financial burden on the state and the increased legal liability for universities. Several massive donors offered to foot the bill for the first four years of the bill taking effect, with the program being supported by taxpayers and student fees afterward.

“[This] poses a huge issue when you look at the conscience rights of students on campuses,” Hawkins said, stating that pro-life students in California would be forced to help pay for “abortion centers” as they pay their various registration fees.

As for the dangers of pharmaceutical abortion, Hawkins states that “girls who obtain these chemical abortions—they face a really high risk for having to go back and having repeat surgery, having a second abortion.

Hawkins added that chemical abortions are up to four times riskier than other methods of abortion. Not only does the pill carry serious risks such as hemorrhaging, infection, uterine rupture, but as many as one out of 20 women who take abortion pills end up needing surgery afterward. This is a huge issue, Hawkins states, considering that campus health centers are not equipped to perform surgery or deal with hemorrhaging or “incomplete abortions.”

Hawkins also states that a dating ultrasound is typically required prior to taking the abortion-inducing drug, meaning that each college health center would have to have one on hand. A 24-hour hotline would also be necessary, she adds, because “you’re going to have women who are bleeding out over their toilet bowls,” pointing to the fact that dozens of women have died since the drug was made legal in the United States.

“If she’s hemorrhaging, she’s going to need a blood transfusion,” Hawkins said. “That’s not going to be available at the campus health center—the campus health center’s not going to be open at 2 AM when she’s bleeding out in her dorm room.”

As usual, leftist legislators are only concerned with advancing their agenda. They’re not concerned in the slightest with the health and wellbeing of mothers, and they’re certainly not worried about the death of pre-born New Yorkers.

If you are in New York, contact your assemblyman now and tell them not to support this bill!!

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