Portland Church Sued for $2.3 Million for Refusing to Host LGBT Event on Their Property


It’s kind of funny that we call liberals “liberal”. They believe in a certain kind of liberty, but it has little to do with the liberty enshrined in our founding documents.

No, the liberty they’re interested in is liberty from any influence of biblical morality. They’re all for unusual sex arrangements, abortion, the sexualization of children, and public indecency. But when it comes to liberty for Christians to simply practice their faith and decline to participate in events that celebrate things they don’t believe in, the iron fist of liberal fascism slams down.

This most recent case of Christian persecution is interesting because it involves a Catholic church and an events company that had been renting out property owned by the church, rather than the cases of small business owners refusing to serve gay weddings.

The event company, Ambridge Event Center, is suing because they had to refuse to host an event for PFLAG Portland Black Chapter, an African-American LGBT group, due to Holy Rosary Church of Portland’s preference not to host LGBT-associated events on their property, as reported by The Christian Post.

Ambridge claims that their business has suffered tremendously with the stigma of having to simply enforce the church’s First Amendment right to do what they wish with their private property.

“Even businesses and government entities that had previously scheduled events with Ambridge who were not affiliated with the LGBTQ community but had equity-driven internal policies, refused to work with Ambridge after reading or hearing about the discriminatory policy involved in its employment relationship with the church,” the lawsuit, which is seeking $2.3 million in damages.

“Ambridge also took issue with the church’s decision to end their contract deal after the company hired an openly gay events coordinator as part of their efforts to ‘restore its image with its clientele and its relationship with the LGBTO community,'” The Christian Post adds.

“The church breached the contract by refusing to discuss or mediate the contract termination with Ambridge, by issuing unilateral restrictions on use of the event center and adjoining property, by demanding Ambridge pay taxes not owed under the contract, and by failing to exercise any effort, best or otherwise, to reach an amicable and mutually agreeable solution to the issues arising under the contract,” the lawsuit further explains.

Just six months ago, CP says, an Oregon couple was denied an exemption from the state’s anti-discrimination laws after they were sued over $100,000 for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding.

At the end of the day, if liberals truly want liberty, they have to advocate for liberty for all people. God’s law is eternal and every individual will have to answer for the choices they make in life, and that’s why we have been commissioned to preach the Gospel in every nation.

But according to the laws of the United States, both homosexuals, politically correct events companies, and anti-homosexual Catholic churches have every right to do what they wish with their own personal property.

Ambridge found their business suffering due to the current political climate in which it is absolutely anathema to object to homosexuality, but totally acceptable to force Christians to do something their conscience disagrees with.

True liberalism would respect the rights of both the LGBT group to exist, the private company to do business with whom they choose, and the Christian church, business, or individual to deny business to whom they chose.

It’s that simple. But we’re moving dangerously far away from this simple principle of liberty each and every day.