Monday, December 9, 2019

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Swedish Church Reveals New LGBT-Themed Altarpiece

It seems these "churches" would rather tear out such pages of God's Word in order to posture themselves as "accepting" in today's culture. The true Gospel message, however, continues in the very next verse after Paul's sharp words against those who will not inherit the Kingdom: "And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God."

Toronto Evicts Church From City Building, Labels Preaching to Homosexuals “Hate Activity”

When civic business must be reviewed and approved by the LGBT minority and any dissenting speech is punishable as "hate," we have officially become a totalitarian society.

Elizabeth Warren Vows to Wear Planned Parenthood Scarf on Her Inauguration Day

“And then the next day I showed up at [the Women's March]; I spoke and I wore my pink Planned Parenthood scarf. Now that's two, so here's my plan for number three: I'm gonna be wearing that scarf when I'm sworn as president of the United States,” she proudly declared to a roomful of applause.

Hallmark Channel Says It Is “Open” To Gay Leads in Christmas Movies After Criticism for Lack of “Diversity”

Goldberg pressed on, complaining that the channel plays nonstop when she and her "wife" visit family on Christmas, but they "are not reflected on anything [Hallmark is] doing. It would be really cool to broaden out and have our nieces see a version of us on TV," Goldberg added, "or see a version of anything else besides Christmas with, you know, white leads."

World’s First Gender Detransition Conference Held in England

After beginning hormone therapy and having a double mastectomy at age 20, Kira realized these things were not contributing to any kind of self-acceptance. “How can I possibly be loving myself if I am sacrificing my general health in order to change my whole being?” she asked.

Cosmo UK Features First “Non-Female” on Their Cover in 35 Years…Donning A Dress

Feminists don’t seem to be too concerned with the horde of men who pretend to be women. It’s really quite remarkable and just goes to show how self-loathing the modern-day feminist movement truly is.

Popular Drag Queen Story Hour Book Author Shows Support for “Proud” Pedophile

We have reported so much on the disturbing incidents like a drag queen flashing a group of children to libraries failing to perform background checks on convicted child sex criminals, we hardly need evidence that this is the case.  However, one LGBT-themed “children’s” book author is still willing to provide it.

Charter School Deems “Joy To The World” Too Religious For Teen’s Recital

"You would think homeschooling would be the safest arena for conservatives," Benzel told Fox. "We are tired and extremely weary of our Christian faith being attacked in this country."

Michelle Malkin, Candace Owens Speak Up On The Dangers Of Mandatory HPV Shots

Civil discourse is on its deathbed, and "inclusivity" only applies to those with the right thoughts and beliefs.

“Jessica” Yaniv’s Next Target In Transgender Inquisition: Gynecologists

So, Yaniv is "shocked, confused, and hurt" that a gynecologist will not see him when, as a pre-surgery biological male, the only female anatomy he has exists in his imagination. Seriously. This man needs to start calling around psychiatric hospitals to see if they serve "transgender" people!

Hundreds of Pro-Life Advocates Peacefully Protest Planned Parenthood in Florida Community

Many in the crowd shared their own very personal stories about why they are pro-life. One woman, Clair Faunce, explained how she deeply regrets aborting her first baby and how she made adoption plans for her second baby who went on to live a really great, successful life.