Monday, September 16, 2019

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California Parents Calling For “SeXXX Ed Sit Out” And Rally At Legislators’ Offices

According to a press release from Alliance To Protect Children (ATPC), these mama and papa bears plan to deliver “a strong message of outrage to those legislators who voted in favor of AB 329, and to those who have failed to support them in protecting their children and restoring their parental rights” with a “SeXXX Ed Sit Out” and rally. On Thursday September 19, participating families will not send their kids to school that day but will instead “sit out” and protest California’s vile new Comprehensive Sexuality Education program.

10-Year-Old Girl Asked to Send Topless Photo of Herself to “Verify Her Age” on Popular Social Media App

If you’re going to allow your children access to the internet, their safety on the web should be your top priority. You cannot assume these things only happen to other kids or that they are rare, isolated incidents. Sexual predators use the internet to seek out mass numbers of children to exploit and abuse and any child on the internet assumes this risk. Parents must be vigilant.

Drag Queen Photographed With Children Lying on Top of Him Blames the Kids for Incident

We shouldn’t be surprised that Hudson would attempt to play it off as though he wasn’t responsible and that the photos were nothing like what they looked like. That’s the whole shtick of the Drag Queen Story Hour, after all: drag queens pretending the events are something different than what they actually are. We’ve known all along that Drag Queen Story Hours are hardly about reading stories to children as much as they are about grooming children into becoming gender-confused LGBT members and future sexual abuse victims.

Planned Parenthood Partner Makes Stunning Admission At Center for Medical Progress Hearing

Abortion is murder. It’s that simple. There is no wiggle room, no exceptions, no justifications that make it anything other than murder. Tragically, the abortion industry isn’t just in the business of killing unborn babies, they also sell baby parts after intact abortions are completed. That means after babies are successfully aborted in one piece, their organs and other body parts are harvested and sold for profit.

Bold Christians Mocked and Scorned While Protesting Exploitative “Drag Syndrome” Show

Protesters of the event have matched Meijer’s boldness in defending the blatant abuse of the Drag Syndrome “performers.” Even Tom Norton, a local politician running for Congress against Meijer, attended the protest on Sunday night and engaged in a debate with an attendee. While some opted to remain silent and allow their presence and their signage speak for them, many others present lovingly and calmly spoke to anyone who would listen about our mighty God’s design for marriage, sexuality, and his call to protect the vulnerable among us. 

An Open Letter To Pastors In The Wake Of Young Megachurch Minister’s Suicide

Written by Elizabeth Johnston (The Activist Mommy) This week, I read that Jarrid Wilson, Christian megachurch associate pastor and mental health advocate, committed suicide the day before National Suicide Prevention Day. My heart broke and I gasped in confusion as I read this on Instagram. My deepest prayers for comfort...

New York Parents Fight Back After Religious Vaccine Exemptions Repealed

We at Activist Mommy stand with the warrior parents of New York, California, Maine, and every other state whose government thinks it knows better than doctors and parents.  Please continue to pray for the hearts of those in power in this nation. If they are not challenged in their attempt to wield power over what we put into our bodies, they surely will not stop there.

Pete Buttigieg’s Pastor “Brother-in-Law” Urges Him To Repent Of Defending Late Term Abortion

While he loves both Pete and Chasten, Pastor Glezman said that he truly hopes they will “repent from teaching these false claims of Christianity; that [Buttigieg] would just have an absolute encounter with God.” “Anyone who makes those claims, anyone who's going to weaponize the (Bible) in that way, I would say to anyone that you need to repent,” he concluded. “This is leading people astray and it's very, very dangerous."

Doctors to Begin “Treating” Children Seeking Gender Reassignment Procedures Via Skype, FaceTime

The child transgender movement has become so widely accepted that the medical community is blatantly denying scientific and medical facts in order to comply with the increasing demands for dangerous procedures for children. Doctors are breaking their Hippocratic oaths and forfeiting integrity in order to be socially progressive and accepted by the minority LGBT community. Meanwhile, parents are willing to sacrifice their children on the altar of “social inclusion” over being labeled a “bigot.”

California Passes Law Severely Restricting Medical Vaccine Exemptions

The Huffington Post reports that SB276 requires public health officials to review exemptions at schools with less than a 95% vaccination rate. The law also requires that any doctor who grants more than five medical exemptions in a calendar year be placed under review by public health officials. Worst of all, the law now gives the state the authority to revoke any exemptions it deems fraudulent or medically inaccurate. Because the government knows children better than their parents and even their doctors, apparently.

Drag Syndrome: The Sexual Exploitation of Persons With Down Syndrome — Anna Bohach

There is no doubt that persons with Down Syndrome can be extremely talented, intelligent, funny and capable human beings. Some of the hardest working and most driven people I know have Down Syndrome. We should always treat these incredible people with the dignity and respect that they deserve. “Drag Syndrome” does none of this.