Friday, February 22, 2019

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Man Sexually Assaults 10-Year-Old Girl, Gets Slap on the Wrist. Here’s the Infuriating Reason Why.

Do we really care more about the comfort level of a scant minority of mentally ill adults than we do about the safety of our children? 

Grassroots “Day Of Mourning” Sold Out, Spreads To Twenty More Cities And Rising!

Friends, we are so excited to share the organic growth of our grassroots "Day of Morning" movement.

Feminist Journalist Suing Twitter for Banning Her After Posting That “Women Aren’t Men”

We here at Activist Mommy don't have a lot in common with feminists. 

Pro-Abort Grandmas in Maine Form Group to Promote Aborting Grandkids

"Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights," seeks to "educate women at the local level about the pro-abortion agenda, and encourage women to speak with their local government officials about supporting abortion and other reproductive health issues."

UNREAL: UK Mom Arrested, Detained, Interrogated for “Misgendering” Trans Activist…On Twitter

Even Orwell couldn't have imagined something this outrageous. 

Mom Throws Gender Reveal Party…for Her 20-Year-Old

Gender reveal parties have become all the rage, ironically, in a time when many try to argue that gender is most certainly not determined by what the doctor says you are in an ultrasound or upon your birth. 

Rep. Ilhan Omar Demands Investigation Into USA Powerlifting for Banning Bio Men From Women’s Events

Does no one care about "women's rights" anymore? 

Young Man Who Alleges Assault By Opera Singer and His Husband Empowered to Come Forward By #MeToo Movement

Why aren't we holding all rapists to the same standards? 

New Jersey Becomes The Second State to Require LGBT History in School

One can certainly make the argument that LGBT history is a part of our nation's history. Factually, this is true. There is an LGBT movement and it is well-documented and can be studied, regardless of how you feel about LGBT acceptance. 

Virginia Dems Cancel Event Amid Blackface/KKK Scandal, Pro-Lifers Still Turn Out

As everyone and their mother debates a Governor's history of highly politically incorrect costumes in college, let's not forget that just days prior he had openly endorsed the active, state-condoned murder of a newborn baby. 

ALERT: 9-Year-Old Drag Queen Has Been Dancing for Cash in Ohio Bars

"You’ll never be able to package up an explanation for allowing a little boy to dress likes a little girl and dance for cash tips after hours in a bar."