Tuesday, February 25, 2020

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Parents Furious After Maryland History Lesson Equating Trump To Hitler and Stalin

It would be incredibly refreshing if it turned out that this slide was presented to students as an example of hideously inaccurate leftist logic, but we aren't counting on it.

Transgender Teacher Calls School’s Policy Prohibiting Staff From Student Bathrooms “Transphobic”

“I am not a boy. I am not just a girl. I am both!” He also asked his students to refer to him with “they/them/their” pronouns. In his open letter, however, "Steel" said, “I am an open and out transgender woman.”

Lawsuit Launched After Michigan School Suspends Students For What They Did At Home, On The Weekend

The fact of the matter is, while their speech may have been “inappropriate and immature” it’s still protected under the First Amendment. Furthermore, public schools have no authority to chastise and punish children for behavior that occurs while they are in their parents’ care and not even at school. 

Adult Film Shot Inside Santa Monica Public Library…During Business Hours

The video – which shows a woman exposing herself – outside Santa Monica streets and even outside John Muir Elementary, then carrying out sex acts inside the library.

Michigan School Library Offers Graphic LGBT Young Adult Novels To Middle Schoolers As Young As 10

"I sat down with my 6th graders and told them if they were ever uncomfortable reading something in a book they got from school they could tell us about it. My 6th grade son said ‘Yes, I just read something that made me feel very uncomfortable about a man looking at a girls crotch and raping her.’"

This Off-Duty Cop Couple Stopped Armed Robbery While Out On A Date

"There was literally no question. We looked at each other—is this happening? Let's go."

Idaho Bill To Keep Transgender Athletes Out Of Biological Girls’ and Women’s Sports Passes Committee, Heads To Floor

"Forcing girls and women to compete against biological boys and men has too often made us spectators in our own sports."

Upcoming Marvel Movie To Feature “Beautiful” and “Moving” LGBT Kiss

This is what Marvel and Disney are pushing—are you going to reward them for it?

Michelle Malkin: Parents and Conservatives Must “Rise Up And Resist” Drag Queen Invasion Of Schools and Libraries

Wolves will always try to sneak into the flock. In the case of Drag Queen Story Hours, our society is knowingly inviting the wolves.

West Virginia Homeschoolers Torn Over “Raylee’s Law” After Horrific Abuse Claims 8-Year-Old Girl

"At what point should a parent have their rights and freedoms taken away by the government for the betterment of the child?"

Steven Spielberg’s Daughter Becomes An Adult Entertainment Star, Has Her Father’s Full Support

"I got really tired of not being able to capitalize on my body."