Friday, January 17, 2020

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Conservative Student Activist Found Dead After Going Viral for Protesting Drag Queen Story Hour

One thing is for certain: our words matter. If we are not compelled by our love of God to treat our fellow humans as bearers of His image, Paul says in 1 Corinthians 13, we are as useless as a "clanging cymbal."  We must oppose those who seek to wreak havoc on our society, but we must speak the truth to them in love, remembering that not one of them is too far for God's mighty hand to reach.

Virginia Bills Seek To Force All Schools To Create Universal Transgender “Equality” Policies

These bills, introduced in the House and Senate, respectively, seek to "protect" transgender students by decimating the issue of compelled use of preferred pronouns, bathroom and locker room use, sports team participation, and alteration of records to reflect "gender identity" in one fell swoop.

“Abortion Is Normal” Art Exhibit Raises Money For Planned Parenthood Amid Threats To Roe V. Wade

"Because some believe a fetus is an intact human being, and has more right to live than a woman. If you believe that, if you believe the rights of the fetus are greater than that of a female human being, there is no way to argue." You've got to be kidding me.

College Student’s Case Heads To Trial After Being Expelled Over False Rape Accusation

By putting John through the university's kangaroo court rather than allowing the legal system to do its job, these people are committing one of the very atrocities the #MeToo movement claims to fight—except they sided with the supposed "victim," in which case it's apparently acceptable.

Transgender Teen Sues New York State Over Sex On Birth Certificate

Most parents take for granted that their children’s birth certificate correctly lists the gender they were born as because most parents simply love their children for who they were born as. Only a very small percentage of parents feel compelled to encourage their children to be someone they are not and cannot ever actually become, all in an ill-advised attempt to help them address deep-seated issues that aren’t going to be solved with an altered birth certificate.

A Michigan County Health Department Is Trying to Force Amish Families to Violate Beliefs, Update Homes or Face Demolition

“Lenawee County residents should be outraged that their local officials, using taxpayer money and in the county’s name, have condemned their Amish neighbors’ homes and are threatening to demolish their houses, and leave them homeless. They should contact their county commissioners and other local officials and implore them to end this vicious attack on the Amish religion.”

WikiHow Article Shows Children How To Get Vaccinated Without Parental Consent

Wait a second, I thought we weren't supposed to make medical decisions based on articles we find online? Or is that only when the decision doesn't align with medical community dogma? Must be.

Maryland Library To Host Teens-Only LGBT Sex Ed Class, Parents Forced To Wait Outside

Just a few years ago, I would've said you're crazy if you thought any parent would ever sign their child up for such a thing. After watching our society plummet into such normalized depravity, however, I cannot naively ignore such a wicked event!

WATCH: “Jessica” Yaniv Caught On Film Assaulting Yet Another Journalist

Don't get me wrong, I wholeheartedly believe Yaniv belongs behind bars for his past history of physically assaulting reporters, sexually harassing minors, asking for tips on "helping" young girls insert tampons, attempting to host topless swim parties with children, and abusing the court system to try to force female estheticians to wax his male genitalia (yes, he's a very busy man). Identifying as a supposed "transgender woman," however, Yaniv is a leftist sacred cow. Do we really think that such a "progressive" nation as Canada will actually put him in a male prison?

Killers And Child Abusers Can Walk Free In New York Thanks to Bail Reform

"I challenge anyone who has this view to look at this list of crimes, to read the legislation and tell me that you believe that manslaughter, aggravated vehicular homicide and rape in the third degree are minor offenses. Tell me, how is promoting obscene sexual performances by a child a minor offense? How is that?"

Cleared By Judge Twice, WA Pastor Still Being Targeted By Anti-Christian Prosecutor For “Observing” Drag Queen Story Hour

“The judge’s ruling is an enormous victory for the freedom of conscience," said Jorge Ramos, PJI’s Seattle attorney who represented Yaghtin, at the time. "The prosecution refused to acknowledge law enforcement’s overreach by separating and even barring people from entry into the library based on their views. We are thankful justice prevailed and Pastor Yaghtin can continue to shepherd his community with confidence.”