Monday, June 24, 2019

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These Parents Got Planned Parenthood’s Curriculum Booted From Their School District

If we are persistent and bold we can push these perverse and wicked agendas out of our schools!

Trans Athlete Claims He Has a “Disadvantage” Competing Against Biological Women

"My body is going through so many medical implications."

Bill In California Would Force Teachers to Promote LGBT Ideology In Spite of Personal Beliefs

It isn’t enough for Christians to just coexist. They want us to deny our God and bend to their will.

Sign Our Petition to STOP Drag Queen Story Hours Today!

While some of these events have been shut down thanks to public outcry, we have to continue pushing back.

New York Becomes The Fifth State To End Religious Exemptions To Vaccination For School

"...We as a state have an obligation to treat everyone equally without discrimination."

Ames, Iowa Public Library Hosts ‘All Age’ Drag Queen Performance – Children Give Out Cash Tips

Even though the event is for “everyone,” children are the target audience.

Is LGBT Propaganda Lurking In Your Homeschool Curriculum?

Even homeschoolers must be on the lookout.

Leander Public Library Closed the Public Saturday for Drag Queen Story Hour, 200+ Show Up to Protest

We are so glad that those concerned about the values being conveyed to these children were there to voice their objection!

America is Unknowingly Accepting Pedophilia in the Name of Tolerance

Young boys dressed in drag and then strutting their stuff in front of a room full of adults is basically the definition of “child sexual exploitation.”

This Texas Border Town Just Became A Sanctuary City For The Unborn: “We Will No Longer Murder Our Babies”

It’s up to individuals to call on their town and city governments to take a stand against this holocaust.