Sunday, November 17, 2019

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Makers of Masturbation “Education” Video for Children Promote Drag Queens, Gender Confusion

Other episodes include “Consent,” “Genitals,” “Puberty,” “Gender,” “Orientation,” “Kissing,” and “Digital Dos,” each of which can be watched on the Sex Ed School website.

Women and Children “Ordered Like Pizza” In Horrific Orange County Trafficking Ring

“It may sound strange, but of all the places I have visited, I have been most afraid right here in Orange County — tough pimps and lots of guns."

Illinois Doctors Caught On Tape Planning to Medically Kidnap Babies If Parents Refuse Non-Mandatory Vitamin K

Because many such workers believe they have some divine right to dictate what their patients will and will not do, many parents rightfully fear that exercising their right to informed consent to treatment will result in a whirlwind of CPS investigations, family court, and separation from their children. In Illinois, however, families victimized by this growing trend are fighting back.

Bondage Shop In California Mall Blasting Pornographic Images On Screens Outside Storefront

According to a map of the Brea Mall, the Honey Birdette store is nestled among several clothing stores where families may shop, as well as a Build-A-Bear Workshop, ensuring that every child gets a heaping dose of bondage porn during their mall visit.

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Refuses To Hear Appeal From “Jessica” Yaniv Over Brazillian Waxing Complaints

"Ultimately, Ms. Yaniv strongly disagrees with most of my conclusions in the Final Decision and thinks that I was driven to rule against her because of public pressure. She wants a different result. However, she has not shown why considerations of fairness or justice, viewed objectively, require the Final Decision to be re‐opened and reconsidered."

Warren Calls Trans and Gender Nonconforming “Women” the ”Backbone of Our Democracy”

How ironic that a group of men who pretend to be women, and demand real women “affirm” their delusions, be concerned about a candidate who is against misogyny. Their entire lifestyle is misogynistic as it sends the message that all it takes to be a woman is just believing you are one and throwing on a dress and some make-up. It’s completely degrading to actual women.

Red Latex-Clad Drag Queen Attends Trump Impeachment Hearings

Drag queens’ infiltration of every corner of society is well on its way to becoming commonplace. How disappointing—yet unsurprising—that this is our new normal in America. Men strolling into even the most formal settings in minimal clothing and hideous makeup shouldn’t be laughed at, and we must not allow it to be normalized.

Judge Orders Guilty Verdict, Planned Parenthood Demands Millions In Damages From Daleiden and Merritt

Limandri then declared what any reasonable person can deduce from this entire ordeal—that the charges against CMP are merely an attempt by Planned Parenthood to “conceal criminal activity.” “And they even want you to use a threat of punitive damages to stop them — stop anybody from ever being able to show — do that again. And they want to destroy these defendants, financially.”

Majority of Americans Oppose Allowing Trans Female Athletes to Compete Against Biological Women

Seems like awfully convenient timing to suddenly decide to act on supposed gender-confusion. Perhaps they are genuinely suffering from gender dysphoria, nonetheless, they clearly have an unfair advantage over biological female athletes. Period.

Sweden Is Paying Drag Queens Hundreds Of Thousands To Read and Perform For Children

As Drag Queen storytime events continue to spread through America, mama and papa bears are rising up in every city to fight them off and protect innocent children. In the progressive dystopia of Sweden, however, the government is instead electing to pay drag queens obscene amounts of money to perform for children and read stories with them in the name of “promoting youth literacy.”

Shocking Video Shows Teachers Explaining Masturbation As “Self Love” to Children

“There are all kinds of different relationships,” the first teacher continues. “There are all kinds of ways to show love.”