Radical Feminist Exposes Sinister Global Plot to Legalize Youth Prostitution


There is a point where anyone can identify with feminism.

Women, like men, are made in the image of God, and deserving of equal rights and dignified treatment in any civil society.

So to see the way much of third-wave feminism has completely dehumanized women, in the name of so-called “empowerment” can be frustrating.

But no one knows that better than some of the radical feminists who have spent time in the trenches themselves and genuinely believe in female empowerment and equal rights, only to witness first-hand some of the deeply troubling plots of radical, third-wave contemporary feminism.

Brandon Showalter, of the Christian Post, recently published a groundbreaking expose, Is There a Secret Plan to Legalize Sex Trafficking of Minors? Feminist Activist Tells All, and it is quite possibly the most important article you will read all year.

In it, he profiles the concerns of Natasha Chart, a radical feminist activist who got in too deep–and was highly disturbed by what she found.

Chart is a self-described feminist, who supports abortion, and yet, in the depths of the radical feminist world she found herself entrenched in several years ago, she was exposed to not only a direct plan to legalize youth prostitution around the world, but an almost cult-like treatment of anyone who dared challenge or question this plan.

You really do have to read the article in its entirety, but her appeal to a Christian audience is poignant and affirms the hard work we have been doing on this blog over the past year to bring light to the anti-woman, anti-children philosophical trend that is engulfing modern progressivism:

She opted to speak with The Christian Post, she said, “because I have been hoping that someone could be bothered to care that there is a significant and influential portion of the left-aligned and mainstream human rights activist community that both believes that ‘youth sex work’ should be made legal, and that they have the clout to get people fired from political and media jobs for making concerns about that public.”

“The progressive press won’t touch it, the regular press doesn’t seem to follow these issues, and self-publishing a story like this would likely have been pointless,” Chart said. “And I know most of the audience of a publication like The Christian Post might not sympathize with my political views, but I would rather hope that everyone reading would look beyond me, and to the institutional rot of a political edifice that was so easily taken over by a sex industry advocacy that’s alien to its founding principles.”

But no one is served when trusted civil society institutions utilize their clout, on what is most likely an unsuspecting membership, to quietly further a “pimping agenda,” she went on to say, an agenda its promoters know better than to broadcast publicly.

“My friends and colleagues over several years know this happened. Hundreds of feminist journalists and academics in the United States know this happened. They didn’t all agree, but none of them said one public word in my defense. None of the women associated with mainstream feminist media or scholarship spoke up.”

“If they could be intimidated into overlooking this, what’s next? How long will it be the case that an anti-trafficking bill can be supported in the Senate on a 97–2 vote, where the dissent came in from the tech industry, on technicalities?” she asked, referencing the recently signed Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act.

Chart goes on to detail the intellectuals and “human rights” organizations across the globe who, in their perceived effort to defend the rights of prostitutes, actually argue that legalizing youth prostitution will somehow work in their benefit.

When Chart began to voice opposition to this way of thinking, she was shunned by people she thought were fighting for women’s rights. She claims that feminists and journalists across the country are well aware that this is going on, and yet say nothing.

Please read and share this vitally important expose–this is one of the biggest enemies parents and Christians have to face in this brave new world.