SCOTUS Set To Rule On The Redefinition Of “Sex” As “Gender Identity”


The LGBT agenda is like a hydra; a multi-headed monster that attacks society on several different fronts. 

At first, the movement gained acceptance through positive portrayals in the entertainment arts. Later on, the LGBT mafia began infiltrating the education system, imposing its rather totalitarian brand of “inclusion” on children and families. Lastly, they are ratcheting up their efforts to reshape society through state and federal legislation.

Saints, we can turn off the TV or boycott certain shows, we can pull our children from schools that shove sexual perversion down their throats, but what recourse will we have if these people are still able to change laws according to the agenda to an Orwellian degree? 

This is the startling reality we may face if the U.S. Supreme Court upholds a lower court decision that redefines the word “sex” in federal law to mean “gender identity.” 

If the law protects an individual’s right to determine their own reality and decide their own gender, even the gentlest opponents of such anti-science and anti-faith practices will instantly become criminals.

Attorneys for Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) are fighting this terrifying prospect at every front. 

On behalf of a Michigan funeral home forced by the 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals to allow a male employee to break their sex-specific dress code and wear women’s clothing at work, ADF filed a petition asking the Supreme Court to take the case.

Back in 2016, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan ruled in favor of the funeral home. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), however, appealed to the 6th Circuit court who then ruled in favor of the employee.

In its ruling, the appellate court effectively redefined “sex” in Title VII, a section of the Civil Rights Act intended to ensure equal opportunities in employment, regardless of a person’s race, religion, national origin, or sex, to conflict with the word’s universally-accepted, scientifically-backed definition since the law’s passing in the 1960s. 

“Neither government agencies nor the courts have authority to rewrite federal law by replacing ‘sex’ with ‘gender identity’—a change with widespread consequences for everyone,” said ADF Vice President of Appellate Advocacy John Bursch. “Businesses have the right to rely on what the law is—not what government agencies want it to be—when they create and enforce employment policies. The funeral home wants to serve families mourning the loss of a loved one, but the EEOC has elevated its political goals above the interests of the grieving people that the funeral home serves.”

As explained in ADF’s petition to the Supreme Court, “the Sixth Circuit’s decision undermines the primary purpose for banning discrimination based on sex—to ensure ‘equal opportunities’ for women , and ‘eliminate workplace inequalities that [have] held women back from advancing…. Employment reserved for women—like playing in the WNBA or working at a shelter for battered women…—now must be opened to males who identify as women. The same is true of sports and educational opportunities under Title IX. The Sixth Circuit’s ruling impedes women’s advancement….”

“Substituting ‘gender identity’ for ‘sex’ in nondiscrimination laws also threatens freedom of conscience,” the petition continues. “Statutes interpreted that way have the effect, for instance, of forcing doctors to participate in—or employers to pay for—surgical efforts to alter sex in violation of their deeply held beliefs…. In sum, the Sixth Circuit ushered in a profound change in federal law accompanied by widespread legal and social ramifications.”

Meanwhile, another poison pill in the Civil Rights Act is being activated by a massive group of corporations and employees petitioning the Supreme Court to defend against so-called “LGBT discrimination”.

Yahoo News reports:

In a friend-of-the-court brief filed today, the Human Rights Campaign and other LGBT civil rights groups argued that bias against LGBT employees is considered a form of sex discrimination and thus illegal under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The brief was also signed by a coalition of 206 companies, with more than seven million employees and upwards of $5 trillion in revenues. Notable names include retail behemoth Amazon, luxury brand Gucci, department store chain Macy’s and sportswear giant Nike.

“When workplaces are free from discrimination against LGBT employees, everyone can do their best work, with substantial benefits for both employers and employees,” the brief states. “Only a uniform federal rule can enable businesses to recruit and retain, and employees to perform, at their highest levels.”

The LGBT mafia believes that we must strip the rights of individuals and businesses to contract with whomever they please on mutually agreed-upon terms in order to protect the rights of a tiny slice of the population, and they are eager to bypass the legislative branch of our government to rewrite the laws in their favor.

“These are important policy questions that the people have the right to decide through their elected officials,” said ADF Senior Counsel Jim Campbell in another statement. “Unelected officials—whether bureaucrats or judges—don’t have the power to make these choices for us.”

This is literally mob rule. The LGBT mafia is on the precipice of wielding unbridled power against anyone they deem to be an “oppressor.” 

We must get on our knees in fervent prayer and put our hands to work in supporting ADF and urging our elected officials to fight the continued onslaught against the rights of private individuals and organizations who refuse to go along with gender-bending insanity!


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