Sick Video Shows Drag Queen Dancing Suggestively For A Young Girl While Adults Clap and Cheer


Would you believe me if I told you an entire room full of adults simply clapped and cheered while a drag queen danced for a very young, very confused-looking little girl?

I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t, but this is 2020 and I’ve learned that there is nothing too sick and depraved for our society to embrace in the name of “progress” and “inclusivity.” Not only that, the folks responsible thought that decimating a little girl’s innocence in such a vile way would make a great video to share on TikTok.

According to The Blaze, TikTok user @ameliamarino89 posted the video with the accompanying caption “Drag Brunch realness.” The account was taken down Friday afternoon.

In the clip, which The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh shared to Twitter, the drag queen is shown crawling up to the little girl and handing the child what appears to be a dollar bill, while the room full of adults—including who we assume is the girl’s mother—cheers:

Per the drag queen’s publicist, The Daily Caller was able to confirm that that the drag queen in the video is “Tynomi Banks,” a Canadian drag queen.

“My drag is high fashion and very fun,” Banks told the Globe and Mail in 2018. “Because I am a dancer, I love to show off my physique – my legs are amazing!”

When the video of the horrific incident hit Twitter, everyone with a brain stepped in to denounce it—even actual drag queens and transgender people.

“The worse thing is, the adults watching and enjoying it,” wrote drag queen “Kitty Demure,” who previously went viral himself for criticizing parents who take their children to Drag Queen Story Hour events. “How can adults enjoy watching a little girl be seduced? This is sad and disgusting. The drag queen got paid to do this. This is very much like hiring a stripper for an adult bday party.”

“Absolutely disgusting,” said transgender conservative pundit “Blaire White.”

“The gross smug liberal parents are so pleased with themselves for traumatizing that little girl,” White added. “I want to puke.”

Several other Twitter users pointed out the clear parallels between this situation and one in which a young child could find themselves under attack by a sexual predator and noted that these adults have no business whatosever being around children:

If this were a father taking his son to a strip club, you can bet custody would be up for dispute! But, this is 2020, and there appear to be no consequences for parents like this who sacrifice their children on the “woke” altar.

This is the very definition of sexual grooming, and this little girl has just been taught that it’s perfectly okay for a man to perform a “sexy” dance for her, approach her, and put his hands on her. The room full of clapping adults cemented in her poor mind that this is a good thing.

When we murder our unwanted children in the womb and subject the children we do keep to this kind of abuse, how long can we expect the Lord to withhold His righteous judgment on our society?

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