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If you’ve been following our stories lately, you’ve probably noticed the disturbing rise of “Drag Queen Story Hours” at public libraries all across the country. Not only is this blatant indoctrination of young, impressionable children, but it’s happening on publicly-funded property with no regard for the American taxpayers who fund the public facilities in which these events take place.

Events like this one in Leander, Texas and this one in Newark, Ohio are just a few of the Drag Queen Story Hours we have covered. While some of these events have been shut down thanks to public outcry, we have to continue pushing back.

Parents across the United States are outraged that these story hours are taking place in children’s libraries against their wishes. The American Library Association (ALA) touts “tolerance” as the reason for these indoctrinating events, but they are really telling parents that libraries are no place for Christians or any parents who don’t want their children indoctrinated by this gender-bending agenda.

In spite of the loud objection of so many parents and concerned citizens, the ALA is, of course, now actively encouraging libraries across the United States to host Drag Queen Story Hours. So far, at least 27 locations in 20 states are participating in the story hours.

CitizenGO is working with The Activist Mommy to combat this overt sexual indoctrination in children’s libraries. Sign this petition to send a note directly to the ALA! We are very close to our goal of 50,000 signatures. Add your name to the petition today to let the ALA know we will not stand for these blatantly inappropriate, confusing, and irresponsible events being held in our public libraries!


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