Singer Ginuwine Refuses To Kiss Transgender On TV, Left Loses Their Minds


At first, the LGBT crowd made the entire discussion on transgenderism about fighting for the right to use the public bathroom of the gender a person self-identifies as, but since then, things have taken a stranger turn.

No longer satisfied with many of the capitulations our society has made to accommodate the practice of their sinful behavior, a growing number of transgenders, particularly men who believe they are women, are expressing anger and frustration that straight men want nothing to do with them romantically speaking.

Yes, the idea that a man who is not gay is not attracted to another male is actually making these people angry, proving that the ultimate goal is to force others to participate in their delusions.

This is a fact R&B singer Ginuwine has learned the hard way after refusing to kiss transgender India Willoughby on a recent episode of Celebrity Big Brother UK.

BET has the details:

The controversy stems from a conversation between Willoughby and the “Pony” singer, in which she asked whether he would date a trans woman. “You would date me, yeah,” Willoughby, who is a trans woman herself, asked. “Not if you were trans,” Ginuwine replied. After Ginuwine replied that he would not date a trans woman, Willoughby attempted to plant a kiss on the singer. When her advance was rejected, Willoughby stormed off.

Now Twitter has split into two sides. One side is outraged by Ginuwine’s rejection, suggesting that his unwillingness to date trans women is transphobic and bigoted. On the other hand, some fans are rallying behind the “In Those Jeans” artist, insisting that he has a choice to date whomever he chooses. Some also suggested that Willoughby was actually harassing him.

Here’s a sample of the madness from Twitter:

It is simply amazing that the fact a man doesn’t want to kiss another man has become controversial in our day and age.

Our grandparents would be totally ashamed of the way we’ve allowed this country to slip into the deep muck and mire of sexual deviance and have accepted such insanity wholesale.

God’s design for humanity is that one man and one woman should be married and that all sexual activity is reserved for this kind of relationship.

Repeatedly throughout the Scriptures homosexuality is condemned (Hebrews 13:1-5; Romans 1:26-28; Jude 1:5-8) and each and every time marriage is mentioned, it’s done so in the context of a man and his wife. This is the right, natural expression of romantic and sexual love.

How far gone does a society have to be to reject God’s natural design for humanity?