Sweden Is Paying Drag Queens Hundreds Of Thousands To Read and Perform For Children


As Drag Queen storytime events continue to spread through America, mama and papa bears are rising up in every city to fight them off and protect innocent children.

In the progressive dystopia of Sweden, however, the government is instead electing to pay drag queens obscene amounts of money to perform for children and read stories with them in the name of “promoting youth literacy.”

Because children can’t learn to read without a heaping dose of sexual grooming, apparently.

Out Magazine reports:

Last week the MUMS Cultural Association in Stockholm was awarded 1,710,500 Swedish kronor — or $177,000 in U.S. dollars — to develop “creative fairy tales” performed in front of a young audience through its Among Dragons and Drag Queens project.

“In addition to authoring new stories, the project will develop an accessible story hour model based on the needs and wishes of the target group in order for the experience to be as good and accessible as possible,” claims the Swedish Inheritance Fund, which provided the grant, in a press release. “[…] The project will present its fairy tales at libraries, but also in other contexts.”

The project will include workshops intended to teach children how to perform and organize their own reading events. 

Other recipients of grants from the Swedish Inheritance Fund — which was set up in 1928 to donate money to nonprofits from deceased citizens with no direct inheritors — include climate action groups, employment programs for young people entering the workforce, and an organization that engages in storytelling through dance.

While the drag events are unlikely to be met with much backlash in a country regularly cited as one of the most progressive in the world, right-wing sites in the U.S. are already furious. Big League Politics predicted the events would be “exposing children to transgenderism,” while Breitbart evoked the widely debunked trans predator myth to claim there’s the “potential for sex offenders to take part in the activities.” 

Apparently, the recurring failure of libraries and venues to even background-check the men who want to dress as women and hang out with young children and the resultant stack of sex offenders caught participating in these events isn’t sufficient evidence for these people.

Saints, children across the world are precious to God, and their innocence must be as fiercely protected as children here in the States. If the parents of Sweden aren’t willing to put a stop to this, it’s up to us.

Email the Swedish Inheritance Fund and calmly show them the evidence, which we’ve amply provided, that these events are dangerous to young children. No one should be paying these “performers” to groom children!


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