‘Sweet Jesus’ Ice Cream Brand Blasphemes Christ, Fetishizes Children


We are going to tell you about a Canadian ice cream brand that has sleek, stylish ad campaigns, extravagant and decadent choices on their menu, and has enjoyed widespread success in their many shops in Canada and the US.

While we tell you about this ice cream brand, called “Sweet Jesus”, we’d like you to imagine what would become of this business were it called “Sweet Muhammad” and employed the same plays on Islamic scripture and cultural sayings as it does on Christian ones.

The name, “Sweet Jesus”, refers to a blasphemous expression one might use when thoroughly enjoying one of the company’s ice cream cones and most certainly not their love of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

This is immediately apparent by their logo, which features an SS style “S”, popular among equally blasphemous and Satanic metal bands of the 70s and 80s, and an upside down cross. So they want to make quite sure we know they are in fact, not Christian, and that the entire marketing concept of their company is to mock the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Their ad campaigns further their obvious desire to blaspheme Christ in all that they do, and they seem determined to indicate that this is far from tongue-in-cheek, they mean business:

They also blatantly equate the deliciousness of their product with “Salvation”, indicating they are very familiar with the doctrine of the religion they blatantly mock as well.

You will probably notice something else about the above image as well as the suggestion that the Sweet Jesus ice cream products are some how salvific: it depicts a young boy in a very bizarre way. He is covered in tattoos and is wearing an outfit reminiscent of the sailor in the homosexual music group The Village People. He also has a pink teacup, like something a little girl would play with, to top off the suggestion of gender-bending.

As it turns out, Sweet Jesus is fond of posing small children in suggestive positions like this to advertise their sinful and decadent product.

This is perhaps the most shocking, an image of a little girl that calls to mind Lady Gaga’s weird Satanic bloodbathperformances:

And another equally disturbing image:

Go figure that a company that so blatantly mocks the name of the Lord Jesus would pose children in such suggestive and ghoulish ways. There is nothing cute or clever about these advertisements, they are sick and creepy and only sick and creepy people would be inspired to buy their product upon seeing them.

This world hates Jesus, though, so sadly there are many people who probably patronize this business simply because they like the creepy, death-metal feel of the logo and advertising campaign. Who knows if the ice cream is even any good!

So once again, we ask you, can you imagine if this company had chosen to mock Muhammad instead of Jesus? Especially in Canada? The same people who spend their money here would be protesting outside.

That is, of course, if it wasn’t bombed first.