Teenager Survives Weeks Adrift at Sea Catching Fish and Reading Bible


This incredible story gives the concept of man not living by bread alone but by every word out of the mouth of God a whole new meaning!

In an incredible story of survival, an Indonesian teenager recently survived a stunning seven weeks adrift at sea with nothing other than his small fishing vessle and his Bible.

In even his most distressing moments when survival seemed impossible, he was able to rely on his faith, and the Word of the Lord, to carry him through, and they did.

Western Journal reports that 19-year-old Aldi Novel Adilang of Indonesia was fishing off the coast of Sulawesi island when his vessel broke loose from his companion’s in high winds.

He was set adrift, helpless, with a week’s worth of food, his fishing gear, a 2-way radio, and his Bible.

“Rice, clean water, spices, cooking gas, and other supplies ran out. To survive I caught fish and burned the rompong’s wooden fences to make a fire for cooking. I even ate raw fish,” he explained of his situation to the BBC.

There was little more for Adilang to do than cry out to God.

“The teen said he offered many tearful prayers to God that he would be rescued so he could see his mother and father again,” Western Journal explains. “He also read his Bible and sang Christian songs.”

“He despaired at one point and considered committing suicide by jumping into the sea, but his faith helped him overcome the temptation,” they add.

Although he saw several boats pass by him during his time at sea, he was unable to contact any until finally getting a hold of a Panamanian freighter, who he managed to get through by sending a distress signal on his radio.

They rescued him, and brought him to Japan, where he was eventually flown home to his family.

What an incredible story of God’s amazing ability to comfort us in even the most distressing times! Praise Him that this young man was saved and brought back together with his family.