The Disturbing, Exploiting Trend of Down Syndrome Drag Is Coming to the US


We have previously reported on a group of drag queens and kings with Down syndrome from the UK, and how disturbing and confusing it is that the left embraces those with Down syndrome when they are decked out in drag despite pushing for babies with Down syndrome to be aborted in the womb. Now it would appear this trend is coming to America. 

LifeSite News reports:

A public art event in Grand Rapids, Michigan next month will feature men and women with Down syndrome performing as “drag queens” and “drag kings.”  

A drag group known as “Drag Syndrome” is comprised of performers with Down syndrome, and is an LGBT activist’s attempt to promote so-called “inclusion.”  Their performances feature song and dance by men wearing women’s dresses, garish makeup, wigs, and in some cases fake breasts. Women sport beards and men’s clothing.

A local TV channel, Wood TV, reports that “some people may be concerned because people with Down syndrome have limited mental capacity that they might not have the ability to decide to take part or understand what they are taking part in.” 

The organizers of the show, however, are defending the event. 

“We sought them out because they are at the very highest level of disability drag,” said event organizer Jill Vyn of DisArt, a Grand Rapids organization that connects art and people with disabilities.

“Drag has never only been about sexuality,” DisArt co-founder Christopher Smit said. “Drag is about gender performance, drag is about expression. Drag is also about ridding the culture of really damaging stereotypes.”

Drag queen shows largely consist of men dressing as women in order to mock stereotypes of womanhood and femininity.  

First of all, drag shows have always been about sexuality. If they weren’t about sex and they were simply about “gender expression” and “art,” then why do drag queens always have the most sexually explicit names and dress in the most sexually explicit ways? 

Why, for instance, do these shows always take place in seedy nightclubs? Drag shows have absolutely nothing to do with art or expression and everything to do with mocking traditional femininity and what it means to be a woman.

DisArt’s Christopher Smit has the nerve to say that drag shows are about “ridding the culture of really damaging stereotypes” while supporting a form of “art” that degrades and ridicules women and promotes homosexuality and other dangerous, actually damaging lifestyles. It’s hard to believe he is serious.

Then you have the art community seeking out people with Down syndrome with the goal of dressing them up like clowns and parading them about in the name of “inclusion.” Is no one off limits to the depravity of the LGBT mafia? People should absolutely be concerned that individuals with Down syndrome may not fully understand the full extent of what they are participating in..

This is just another hollow gesture from the LGBT community to show just how “accepting” and “inclusive” they are. In reality, they are using individuals with disabilities to further push their ideology on the masses. The Down syndrome community is just another group to indoctrinate and heaven forbid the LGBT mob exclude anyone! 

According to Web MD, “Down syndrome … affects a person’s ability to think, reason, understand, and be social. The effects range from mild to moderate.” These are the people  DisArt thinks should be dressing up in drag in some supposed effort to promote art and disabilities. It would be one thing if they were highlighting those with Down syndrome actually making some kind of art pieces, playing music, or participating in a normal dance routine that showcases their talents and abilities. That would be a wonderful idea.

This is not the case, however.

Rather, this is the blatant exploitation of vulnerable individuals for the express purpose of promoting LGBT ideology. It’s sick.

LifeSite News continues:

Viewers of the show, who know that those with Down syndrome did not conceive and put together this troupe on their own, will be left to wonder to what extent, if any, those with Down syndrome who are participating in this event are being exploited by activists to unsuspectingly push the LGBT agenda. 

The show is scheduled to be performed at  September 7, at 7:00 PM.

Contact Project 1 to voice your concern here.

We have to speak up and stop this exploitation and abuse. People with Down syndrome can be incredibly talented people. Let’s demand that Project 1, DisArt, and other LGBT-promoting organizations treat them with respect. 

Contact Project 1 and make your voice heard. 


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