The “Equality Act” Racing Through Congress Is Really A Loophole For Pedophiles To Game The System


When the Supreme Court destroyed the institution of marriage in one fell swoop with the Obergefell V. Hodges ruling, liberals, and LGBT advocates mocked us for predicting the slippery slope we now find ourselves on.

Our children are growing up in a world where gender is supposedly fluid (unless we’re using it to get what we want) and love is whatever we want it to be. It was only a matter of time before the insanity of the culture would set the stage for pedophilia follow on the coattails of homosexuality and become a normalized sexual orientation.

Under the so-called “Equality Act” currently racing its way through Congress, our “love is love” culture may soon fully accept pedophilia, or at least be powerless to punish it, thanks to a loophole that would do away with the age of consent.

HR 5, the “Equality Act”, intends to offer protection under federal law by declaring homosexuality and gender confusion to be demographics on the basis of which one cannot be discriminated, like race, religion, national origin, biological sex, and so on. The side effects of the bill, however, are much more insidious.

For one, HR 5 lacks any protection for religious liberty, but a few spineless Republicans and misinformed Christian groups already support a toothless exemption that will undoubtedly be bowled over by the LGBT mob anyway.

While the extreme likelihood of the law being used to further restrict religious liberty can’t be understated, that’s not the biggest problem with the Equality Act.

According to Mission America, the bill, coupled with our current cultural insanity, will leave a wide-open loophole for pedophiles:

How? This horrific result won’t come through a new definition of “sexual orientation.” The bill now defines sexual orientation as “homosexuality, heterosexuality, and bisexuality.” An atrocious revision that includes alleged “born-that-way” pedophilia is probably coming, but not in this bill, and not right away.

No, the way this could happen pretty quickly is through the sexual civil rights accorded to children, and all the many new ways adults will find to “support” them—what saner heads would call “grooming.” All that has to happen for pedophiles to gain access is for minors to acquire newly-minted sexual identity “protections” and then their carefully-manipulated “choices” will pave the way.

It’s already a reality for a child of any age to determine their own gender, demand the full support of their parents and the community, and sue the face off of anyone who dissents.

If a child can consent to this, who’s to say they can’t simply declare their affection for anyone they please, including an adult? Just as we’ve watched pro-LGBT lawyers and judges mow down anyone who threatens these children’s rights to self-identify, you can bet HR 5 will encourage those same judges to defend their “right” to choose who they “love”.

Now, in an otherwise sane and decent society, we could expect the existing laws that forbid pederasty to be upheld and our children to be defended. Not in 2019’s America, though, where children can identify as “drag kids,” dance on stage in gay nightclubs, and be blatantly groomed by perverts.

Mission America continues:

But don’t you know that under HR 5, boys who are 11 will have the “right” to say, “I can interact with adults however I want because I identify as a female performer.” All it will take to morph this into a “right” for a minor child to have sex with an adult is a carefully-chosen court case, and a challenge to age of consent will be launched.

…And several key components might be that no assault is involved, no pregnancy is possible and  sodomy is no longer illegal, so how can it be corrupting? Obscenity laws are so weakly applied in many states that these won’t aid in a defense. Many academics now write papers insisting adult -child sex does no harm to children when they give “consent.”

But what about laws dictating the age of consent? They’re being rapidly eroded at the state level by #MeToo era laws mandating “consent” lessons. These comprehensive sexuality education classes teach kids that they have the right to say “no” to any unwanted advances. The unintended consequence, however, is that they also learn that they have a right to say “yes,” too.

These may not be hard-and-fast laws, but the LGBT mafia doesn’t work that way. If the assault on our values and the protection of our children was chess game, The Equality Act is just their next big move.

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