The Left-Wingers At Salon Want To Do What To The National Anthem?

The left has little or no love for America.

Between leftist terrorists Antifa chanting “No Trump, no, wall, no USA at all,” at Berkeley over the weekend and the professors across America teaching how evil straight, white men and Christians are, the left’s disdain for the U.S.A. is well documented.

Now, an article from the left-wing loonies at Salon adds the insulting cherry on top.

In an article titled, “It is time to examine the words and the origins of our national anthem, another neo-Confederate symbol,” Salon claims that “‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ was lobbied by Southerners into its exalted status.”

The article also claims the anthem has “lyrics deriding black people.”

The comments section at Salon included such lovely suggestions as, “I’ve been saying for years we need to get rid of it,” and “We should definitely stop playing it at sporting events.”

Twitter users were having none of it.


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