This British Mom Says Her Daughter Is Being Picked On For Not Being LGBTQ


As the LGBTQIAWXYZ+ movement continues its assault on innocent, impressionable children, many people are finally beginning to wonder just how big a role peer pressure and influence plays in a child’s determination of their own sexuality or “gender identity”.

When Suzanne Glover’s daughter confided in her that roughly one out of every eight students in her grade at school is gay, transgender, or some other member of the ever-expanding acronym, it might not have seemed like such a huge deal. Twelve percent, by no means a majority. Odd, but not frightening.

It wasn’t until their daily catch-up conversations about how school had gone that day that Glover began to notice an alarming trend, which she explained in an eye-opening editorial for The Dailly Mail:

Every day after school, my 13-year-old daughter Bella tells me about her day. I did the same when I was her age. I recall chatting with my mum about the latest house netball scores, my test marks and who I ate my lunch with. When Bella relays the latest events, with dizzying stories of gender fluidity and sexual politics, it’s clear how much times have changed.

According to Glover, rather than chatting about lessons, projects, or fun moments had with her friends, much of Bella’s stories revolved around the gender-bending and sexually-charged antics of other students in her all-girls school.

There’s the on-going saga of Bella’s friend Jessica, who came out last year after she started dating Alexandra in another Year 9 class.

Only Alexandra has since decided she’s now transgender and is living as a boy called Alex — who must only be referred to as ‘he’ — despite being a pupil at an all-girls school.

There were huge dramas when another classmate, Rebecca, confessed to Laura, who is in her maths set, that she was sexually attracted to her.

Laura, who used to present as a boy, angrily rejected her, saying she had jumped to the wrong conclusions, leaving Rebecca in tears. However, Laura has since decided she is gay after all, and the pair are now dating.

Noting that, back when she was Bella’s young age, Glover was “still working out who [she] was,” she noted that these issues must be incredibly confusing for a child so impressionable. It’s hard enough to fit in at school and maintain friendships. Adding biology-rejecting craziness to the mix is enough to make any child crack under the strain!

While Glover admits that she would happily accept Bella if she did indeed come out to her as lesbian or transgender or otherwise, she can’t help but wonder if the increasing amount of children “coming out” and flaunting their newfound genders and orientations is artificially caused by peer pressure.

Glover explained that other parents with kids in similar all-girls schools in the area had noticed the same trend.

And it’s not just single-sex schools. In council figures released last November, Dorothy Stringer, a High School in Brighton, was revealed to have 40 children who didn’t identify with the sex they were at birth, with another 36 out of 1,600 children saying they were gender fluid.

Glover pointed to the research of Brown University’s Lisa Littman, who found that so-called “social contagion” might be a factor given the statistics demonstrating that girls were more likely to have “rapid onset gender dysphoria” if they had a friend or classmate who did.

Parents also noticed that their children became more popular, gained more social media followers, and received plenty of praise after coming out as transgender. “Being trans is a gold star in the eyes of other teens,” a parent featured in Littman’s work said.

And, of course, the rabidly pro-LGBT curriculum forced on British children isn’t helping any.

Bella has had precious little information in her PSHE lessons on how to have a heterosexual relationship, yet at the start of this term she was given a seminar on gender and sexual preference led by five of the school’s transsexual, non-binary (not identifying as male or female) and gay sixth-formers.

Bella described walking into the hall and being shown a powerpoint presentation on the meaning of a selection of words, ranging from ‘transgender’ to ‘asexual’.

One word whose meaning Bella did not yet know the meaning of was ‘cisgender.’ The word, which is being heard more and more, is defined as ‘people whose gender identity matches the sex that they were assigned at birth’.

In other words, Bella has been told she now has a label for being born a girl and wanting to stay one.

After that day at school, Bella confided in her mother that she was upset and confused by the fact that she was simply the person she was born to be: a girl. “‘I am a girl. I like being a girl,” Bella told her mother. “Until now, it didn’t occur to me that I needed to justify it.”

After the word definition exercise in the seminar, Bella’s 250-student grade was shown a video called “Who Am I?” and asked to raise their hands if they found the talk useful and enjoyable. “I wasn’t sure about it,” Bella told Glover. “But I didn’t dare not put my hand up in case some of the other girls called me transphobic.”

Since then, Bella has also reported to Glover that she must be extra careful when she talks to anyone at school. One tiny slip-up, one accidental use of the wrong pronoun for another child, one inadvertent “microaggression,” and the students who “pride themselves on being more ‘woke’ and enlightened” will pounce and rip her to shreds.

Perhaps the worst unintended consequence of LGBT-mania in schools is the bullying and derision “cisgender” children like Bella end up experiencing at the hands of students who feel they are too “boring”.

Parents told [Littman’s] study how their trans children derided straight children, whom they viewed as ‘dumb and boring’, and were ‘disparaging’ about ‘heterosexuality, marriage and nuclear families’. Bella says she knows the feeling: ‘When I talk about liking boys to some girls in my year I am treated as if I am stupid and I don’t get it.

‘It’s like if you are straight and like the opposite sex, you can’t be a deep or evolved person.’

“So where are the current gender fluid policies in schools taking us,” Glover asks. “By doing the highly commendable thing of trying to stop the small number of transgender pupils being bullied, are the rest of the class suffering?”

There’s no way around it. When we celebrate and tyrannically enforce the acceptance of the rejection of biology, children are going to be confused at best and hurt at worst.

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