This Faith and Science-Affirming Book Will Help You Head Off Gender Confusion With Your Children


While schools and libraries continue their complicity in the LGBT movement’s attack on innocent children with “gender identity” worksheets, transgenderism-promoting books, and Drag Queen Story Hours, few content creators are providing sane material to help families stave off gender confusion for their little ones.

Author Ellie Klipp is looking to change that.

According to a review by Andrè Van Mol, MD of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations, Klipp’s latest work, a children’s book titled “I Don’t Have To Choose,” is a Godsend.

“Parents have asked if I could recommend any books to safeguard young children against trans-ideology,” Dr. Van Mol says of the frightening environment our children must grow up in today. “Their concern is well founded.”

He continues:

Pro-trans indoctrination is ubiquitous, its repetition tireless and rebuttals are punished. The educational system from pre-K right on through, television, print, social media and much of the web broadcast the siren song of gender fluidity and trans identity. Jennifer Bilek traced the impressive transgender funding trail to biomedical firms and philanthropic organizations of a certain tilt. Your public library may have a drag queen story hour where books like I am Jazz are read to children by trans activists eager to groom the next generation of victims. (Endocrinologist Michael Laidlaw’s critique of that book provides a useful antidote.) Feeding your children’s spirits is not to be ignored, as trans-ideology is all but a state-sponsored religion at this point, and a Gnostic one at that. The average parent has little idea how pervasive, invasive and well financed the efforts to trans-evangelize their children really are.

Amen to that! We have never faced a more perverse environment in which we must raise up our children. We must rely on the Lord for guidance and protection, but praise Him for raising up authors like Klipp!

Dr. Van Mol continues, explaining the plot of “I Don’t Have To Choose”:

Alexander and Alexis, Alex and Alex for short, are the book’s main characters. The two Alexes engage in the same activities and enthusiastically so. From mud stomping to tree hanging to pretend play, they go at it together. When they read math books, they are both specifically “quite good” at it. That gentle and subtle encouragement toward math is a welcome effort. It’s a good lead in to sharing with young girls about American heroes like Admiral Grace Hopper and NASA’s women in mathematics such as Katherine Johnson featured in the film Hidden Figures.

The Alexes both enjoy toy trucks, star gazing and insects. They imagine themselves as cowpokes, ship captains (enjoyed by my wife and I, both former Navy officers) and doctors caring for a puppy. Alexander and Alexis both sew, as my Italian seamstress mother taught me and the late NFL star Rosie Greer picked up and taught. Dudes can sew.

Driving at the heart of the issue that peer-influenced gender confusion does not mean a young child has gender dysphoria, the book demonstrates that little boys and girls can do many of the same things and still be boys and girls

As for the science, Klipp’s work keeps it simple for little minds and devotes two pages to the issue, Dr. Van Mol says:

We find Mom and Dad with their female physician of color who is performing a prenatal ultrasound. The doctor points to the screen showing the expectant parents the baby they are having. Here is the prose worth the price of the book: “I’m a girl because God put two XX chromosomes in each of my cells. Hurrah, I don’t have to choose!” A similar affirmation is there for Alexander. And this is rock solid scientific reality for 99.98 percent of children. The 0.02 percent allowance is for children with disorders of sex development (DSD), colloquially called intersex. But DSDs are something one has, not who one is, and are not a third sex. They are medical conditions and not identities. Why do I harp on this? Because the trans lobby uses intersex as a smokescreen. Don’t be fooled and don’t allow your children to be.

I Don’t Have to Choose is priced extremely reasonably on Amazon because Klipp wants the book to reach as many little hands and minds as possible. Dr. Van Mol states that, at just $6.49 per copy, Klipp is selling the books at a loss, but “considers the child-protecting message worth it.”

As for tweens and teens, Klipp is working on a companion book for them, so keep your eyes peeled!

Saints, the war on children isn’t letting up any time soon. The LGBT movement has the school and library systems, the entertainment industry, and even government agencies on their side, not to mention the resources to spread their infectious agenda. We must support authors like Klipp in their mission to equip parents to withstand the onslaught of gender insanity!


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