Tim Tebow’s Mom Shares Powerful Testimony At March For Life: ‘Told To Abort, But Chose to Trust God’


Abortion is one of the most, if not the absolute most important issue facing our day and age, as it’s literally a matter of life and death for thousands and thousands of unborn children every single year.

On top of the obvious implications, abortion is also a threat to our way of life, to the very liberties we enjoy, as freedom can only be safeguarded by a moral people who recognize the value of human life.

Many mothers these days are encouraged to kill their children in the womb due to the difficulty of the pregnancy, finding out the child has some sort of health issue like down syndrome, or simply because having a kid is a lot of hard work and often “inconvenient.”

Fortunately, not all women give in to these lies. Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow’s mother, Pam, recently spoke at the March For Life where she gave a powerful testimony about choosing life.

LifeSiteNews had the details:

Tim’s mom Pam Tebow related during a speech at the March for Life in Washington, D.C. on Friday how 31 years ago her doctor told her that if she did not abort her baby, she would likely die.

“From the beginning, it was a difficult pregnancy, profuse bleeding and cramping,” Pam told hundreds of thousands of pro-life advocates at the January 19 rally that filled Washington Mall.

“We kept thinking we lost Timmy so many times.”

“The best doctor in town did some tests. She determined that Timmy was a ‘mass of fetal tissue – a tumor,’ and I needed to abort immediately or I would die,” she related.

“Because of our love for the life in the womb, we chose to trust God and refused to have an abortion,” she said, to sustained applause and cheering.

Tebow went on to share that conceiving Tim was an answer to prayer, recounting the time they spent as missionaries in the Philippines and became overwhelmed with grief at the appalling number of children being aborted in the United States.

Her husband Bob dropped to his knees and prayed that if God would give them a son, he would name him Timothy, which means “honoring God.”

“During this tough, difficult pregnancy I had no medical care, but I clung to our loving God,” Tebow said. “And suddenly the bleeding stopped. My husband flew me to Manila and a wonderful, American-trained pro-life doctor save my life and the life of our son.”

The doctor viewed Tim Tebow’s birth as a “miracle” because “only a tiny piece of the placenta was intact.”

“When Timmy entered the world, [the doctor] said, ‘this is a miracle baby. I’ve never witnessed such a miracle,’ Pam related.

Tim was a little malnourished when he entered the world, but Pam had family and friends pray for him, asking that he would “grow big and strong.” It certainly seems the Lord answered that prayer too.

This is an absolutely beautiful story of love, compassion, and trust in Christ that magnifies the name of the Lord while also showcasing just how precious life really is.

Tim Tebow is a great man of God who is active not only in church but in being the hands and feet of Christ in the real world, touching so many lives. His charity has ministered to many sick children, creating a prom night style event for those who couldn’t attend one due to illness.

Those kids who have been touched by Tebow are also really happy Pam chose life.