Trans Activists Seek Respelling of “Woman” to “Womxn.” Here’s How Feminists Feel About That.


Tension continues to mount amid the LGBT community as transgender people seek to erase the preceding three groups (lesbians, gays, and bisexuals) by erasing biological distinctions between the sexes.

How are they attempting such a feat? Exactly as we and many others have predicted: by redefining the very language we use to describe the reality in which we live.

In modern, 20th-century feminism, the term “womyn” was coined by feminists who rejected the male superiority represented by the “-men” suffix in “women.”

This itself is a brazen rejection of God’s created order, for we are told in Genesis 2:23 that the first woman was named as such because she was “taken out of man.”

Now, transgender activists are using the same move, using the word “womxn” to describe any man, woman, or beast who identifies as a woman, particularly with the goal obscure biological and legal differences between men and women.

According to an article from, the “exclusion of transgender individuals by some who used the [womyn] term has given rise to another spelling, womxn, meant to include trans and nonbinary women in intersectional feminism.”

The article continues:

Womyn is recorded as early as 1975 during second-wave feminism. One notable early instance was the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, which was held annually starting in 1976 until 2015. This was a feminist music festival only open to “womyn-born womyn,” i.e., or cisgender women. It was much criticized for its exclusion of transgender individuals, which exclusion has led to another alternative spelling of women, womxn, meant to include trans and nonbinary women in intersectional feminism.

The feminist festival was plagued by controversy and protests from transgender people, ultimately forcing it to close in 2015.

In a 2005 interview, the festival’s founder, Lisa Vogel, defended their “born-womyn only” policy, stating that “having a space for women, who are born women, to come together for a week, is a healthy, whole, loving space to provide for women who have that experience.”

“To label that as transphobic is, to me, as misplaced as saying the women-of-color tent is racist, or to say that a transsexual-only space, a gathering of folks of women who are born men is misogynist,” she said. “I have always in my heart believed in the politics and the culture of separate time and space.”

Vogel reiterated her statement in a 2006 press release, saying, “We strongly assert there is nothing transphobic with choosing to spend one week with womyn who were born as, and have lived their lives as, womyn.”

As we have frequently noted, conservatives and feminists have the shared interest of fending off the transgender mob and protecting the safety and rights of women.

An anonymous feminist Twitter user perfectly nailed the issue, declaring that affirming imaginary gender is “compelled speech” with “extraordinary” consequences for women:

Both conservatives and liberal feminists alike are routinely “canceled,” kicked off of social media, or even fired from their jobs for daring to affirm basic human biology and the fact that “transwomen” are not women.

Last year, Maya Forstater lost her job as a tax expert at a prestigious think tank after posting a series of tweets affirming that a woman is “an adult human female.”

Acclaimed author and staunch leftist J.K. Rowling was denounced by hordes of transgender advocates for tweeting in support of Forstater.

Feminist blogger Meghan Murphy drew massive transgender protests for simply hosting a “gender identity” discussion forum at the Toronto Public Library earlier this year.

And, lest we forget, “activists” like Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv still prowl the streets looking for innocent individuals and businesses to sue over even the slightest sign of discrimination.

If men who say they are transgender are actually treated as women, “the consequences for women are extraordinary,” said a tweet from one anonymous woman who describes herself as a black lesbian prosecutor. She continued:

Males will then be allowed in women’s showers, sports, dorms, prisons, rape shelters, etc. *All* our sex-based rights wld be forfeit. This is, obviously, a non-starter. We will not submit.

Transgender-excluding lesbian and gay groups are also stepping up their defense of reality-affirming language, such as U.K.-based LGB Alliance:

Simply put, this is a plot for transgender domination. Transgender people and their adoring supporters will not be satisfied until every distinction between them and actual members of their desired gender are destroyed—preferably with stiff legal action against those who don’t comply.

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