Transgender “Man” Gives Birth To Baby With Donated Sperm From Transgender “Woman,” Will Raise With Non-Binary Partner


It’s called gender “confusion” for a reason; the only result of transitioning to the opposite gender is confusion. 

In the UK, a transgender “man” has recently given birth to a baby, who was conceived using sperm from a transgender “woman” who “he” will raise with his “non-binary” partner. 

Anyone else completely confused?

See? Nothing but complete and total confusion. 

So, let’s clear this up. In basic biological terms, a woman in the UK has given birth to a baby using sperm donated by a man and the woman is in a lesbian relationship with another woman; all parties are claiming to either be the opposite gender that they were born (and will die) as, or no gender at all.


I suppose we can’t even ask the gender of the baby. 

The Sun reports:

Reuben Sharpe, 39, transitioned to a man 12 years ago, but stopped taking testosterone injections after deciding he wanted to get pregnant.

Reuben and his non-binary partner Jay – who identifies as neither a a man or a woman – welcomed the birth of little Jamie three months ago in Brighton, Sussex.

The sperm was donated by a trasngender [sic] woman and inserted into Reuben’s womb by a transgender doctor.

As painfully stupid as it feels to have to say this, this circus definitively proves that men cannot become women and women cannot become men. If this were possible “Reuben” would never be able to have a child after deciding to be a man and similarly the “transgender woman” would never be able to donate sperm. These are bodily functions that set men and women apart from each other and cannot simply be ascribed to individuals based on what gender they think they are. Even without these bodily functions, their gender is written in the DNA in every cell of their body. 

The truth will always remain that no matter how much a woman wants to be a man, she will always be a woman and vice versa for men who want to be women.

Now an innocent child has been brought into this incredibly confusing, unhealthy, unstable family situation. A “father” who is actually his mother and a woman who is of no relation and declares she is neither man nor woman. This poor child is going to grow up in a fantasy world where facts, truth, and science do not matter.

Reuben told the Sunday Mirror that three-month-old Jamie makes him feel “complete.”

He said: “It’s taken six years to get this far, but now we have a baby in our arms and that was the end goal. I finally feel complete.

“It wasn’t that I was desperate to have the birthing experience or pregnancy experience, but I wanted a child and I had the facility to do it.”

Exactly. Because Reuben is a woman. Period.

This is completely unnatural and yet we are supposed to applaud it and herald Reuben and Jay as modern-day heroes. The Sunday Mirror also notes that the doctor who assisted Reuben in her pregnancy was also transgender. It’s like a 21st century progressive fairy-tale.

Reuben and Jay need prayer to turn from their gender confusion and wicked lifestyle but more importantly, pray for little baby Jamie who has been brought into this mess against his or her will and will likely not have anything that resembles a normal, healthy life. 

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