Twitter Just Suspended The Activist Mommy – For The Craziest Reason!


The anti-Christian anti-conservative censors over at Twitter decided to suspend The Activist Mommy’s account. Here’s their notice of suspension messages.

The offending tweet? A jab at Teen Vogue’s Digital Editor Phillip Picardi, who has advocated teaching sodomy to kids in Teen Vogue.

Of course, actual videos of children being abused can be found on Twitter. But calling out an editor for promoting teen sodomy is worth a suspension?

While leftists accuse The Activist Mommy of wanting society to become “A Handmaid’s Tale,” they are the ones taking us back to the dark ages through infanticide – all with the approval of Silicon Valley.

Twitter isn’t the only social media company trying to censor conservative Christian content.

Google is launching its “biggest crackdown” yet on “extremist” YouTube videos, including disabling advertising, adding warnings on them and making them harder to find.

Supposed “hate speech” is banned, and guess what types of videos will be censored or flagged? “Inflammatory religious or supremacist content.”

Do you suppose videos promoting ISIS are being targeted the way Christians are?

Google has denied The Activist Mommy for access to the advertising platform Adsense, and YouTube has denied The Activist Mommy monetization on YouTube.

About a week before YouTube’s new announcement, the online video monopolist demonetized more than 900 videos from evangelist Michael Brown. Brown’s videos cover a range of Christian topics, and one features an interview with a former KKK member who’s now a pastor in an African-American church.

The PC police will not rest until they have marginalized and ultimately silenced the voices of all influencers who will not submit to their leftist propaganda. Conservatives and Christians who love our country and our fellow man must get louder and bolder than ever, pushing back against Silicon Valley’s draconian censorship of truth. Please join your voice with ours and share this article.


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