UPDATE: “Jessica” Yaniv ARRESTED For Assaulting Reporter, Faces 5 Years In Jail


Well what do you know? It appears Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv isn’t above the law after all.

Although the internet is home to virtual stacks of evidence that Yaniv is a predator and a danger to society, it seemed as though justice had been slow-going for the Canadian native.

After being caught on video assaulting a journalist (for the second time,) Yaniv will finally be held accountable for at least one of his brazen, well-documented, and publicized crimes.

Last week, we reported that Yaniv repeatedly punched and hit journalist Keean Bexte outside the provincial courthouse in Surrey, which Bexte and others caught on video:

According to The Post Millennial, Yaniv was arrested for the assault over the weekend. Bexte confirmed that Yaniv did spend some time behind bars for the assault before being released with an appearance ticket. He adds that Yaniv may face up to five years for the assault:

At YanivTrial.com, Bexte explained the situation and his decision to sue Yaniv:

I’m currently cooperating with an ongoing RCMP investigation into the assault, and charges are expected to be recommended by police to crown prosecutors. My footage of Yaniv’s testosterone-fuelled fit of madness went viral on social media and garnered international news coverage — probably the reason why RCMP finally seem ready to enforce the law, even if it’s too late for Yaniv’s other victims, especially the immigrant women he targeted through his infamous ball-waxing scheme.

I will cooperate with the RCMP’s criminal investigation, but the problem with that is, it’s ultimately in the hands of politically-sensitive police and prosecutors. They could agree to a plea bargain; they could even drop the charges outright, in response to political or media pressure — something Yaniv is very good at generating.

The only justice that is within my control is to start a civil lawsuit where I am the plaintiff — along with my fellow Rebel News reporter, David Menzies, who was also assaulted by Yaniv recently. In that case (see video below) Yaniv actually attacked David with a cane.

So with the support of Rebel News, David and I will be commencing a civil lawsuit against Yaniv to make sure that he is held accountable for his actions.

The main point is to show Yaniv that he’s not allowed to physically assault journalists, even if he doesn’t like their questions.

Suing Yaniv is about self-respect, and it’s about deterring a serial harasser. Most of Yaniv’s victims didn’t know how to fight back — they were new immigrant women who didn’t have access to justice and possibly didn’t even know they could sue him.

That same day, Yaniv falsely accused The Post Millennial’s Amy Eileen Hamm of sexual assault while at the courtroom:

Hamm is suing Yaniv for defamation, and rightfully so.

“Yaniv has been ordered to cease all contact with me, both directly and indirectly,” Bexte confirmed to The Post Millennial. “I can’t wait for the day when Yaniv is put away for the long haul. He is dangerous and unpredictable.”

Even if Yaniv winds up in jail, The Post Millennial notes that Bexte and Hamm’s respective civil suits against him can still proceed. According to Bexte, Yaniv would be court-ordered to appear for the civil proceedings as planned.

Yaniv is also scheduled to appear in court in February for two illegal weapons charges stemming from an incident in which he flashed a stun gun during a video interview with conservative transgender pundit Blaire White.

While we eagerly celebrate any measure of justice being done against this sick predator, we can’t help but worry that Yaniv, identifying as a woman, will be housed in a female facility. According to Quillette, Canada allows physically intact men to be housed in women’s prisons based merely on self-identification as a woman, regardless of the nature of their crimes

Given his past history of fixation on seeing women and girls naked in public bathrooms and locker rooms, being housed in a women’s jail may just be a dream come true for Yaniv.

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